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Default Should I give in to the sleepiness?

So, for the last week I've been going to the gym (20 mins of stair master interval training and 10 mins of rowing). I found last night that I was soooo tired at 11pm. My fiance has been going with me too and he was tired as well.

We gave in and went to sleep at 11:30, only to get up at 9:00 the next morning to get to work. Normally, without going to the gym, we would have been up till about 1am.

Should we give in to sleepiness? Or is this our body's way of trying to trick us into expending less calories?
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Oooh intetesting I'm curious too
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Give in to the sleep. Sleep helps you lose weight. Sleep is pretty much the prime directive of my life. All else is secondary.
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At 1130 you should definitely be sleepy ... Not sure what you do for a living, but most people I know are in bed by 10 - 11PM... then get up at 630-7AM... I find that on Friday I go to bed sometimes at 930, just the week getting under my skin, I figure, and I get up at 8AM... My usual time to sleep Mon to Thurs is 11PM to 630AM...

So all this to say that yes give in to the tiredness, specially at 1130pm, your body is telling you something...
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go to your nearest vitamen shop and get there liquid vitamin b complex, I couple mls will give you the energy you need!
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11pm seems awfully late to be working out... why not try working out in the morning before work? You might find that once you get used to it your morning workout will actually give you more energy throughout the day AND help you sleep better at night
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I say yes. I think when our bodies are crying out for sleep, it's more important than exercise, but also think it's important to find a life balance that allows you to get both exercise and adequate sleep. Sometimes that's hard to do in this day and age, though.
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I work out late too anywhere from 11-130. I do it bc it its quiet. I get jags of giving in to sleep and I either work out earlier the next day or get more protein and caffeine in later in the day. It's hard being a night owl sometimes.
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You should give in to sleepiness. Your body is telling you that it needs rest. The day you will feel so much better. I work until 2 am and I do my workout right after work so I can understand the late night thing lol
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I have been working out HARD 6 days a week (Sometimes twice a day) for a little over a month now. I am EXHAUSTED by 9PM, I will usually wait until 10 but I can't always make it. I remember this happened for several, several weeks when I first started running last year too.

Keep on going, your body will get use to it eventually and not be so tired. At least in my case anyway lol. B-complex is supposed to help with energy but I never did notice a difference. I still take it because I feel like it helps my mood, though.
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