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Default WAY TMI - running/high impact and bladder issues

Tonight I was taking a walk with my husband while our six year old scootered. There were times he got going fast, so my husband would start running to catch up. Well, I figurered, I've been exercising for 5.5 months and can walk really fast, why not try to run alongside when he runs. I did. It felt great and was fairly easy. HOWEVER, every single step, I felt my bladder leak. Thankfully, I was wearing something to protect against leaks, but I couldn't run a mile without soaking myself and I emptied my bladder before we set out.

Now, I will admit, I'm terrible about doing kegels and I need to do them more, but can doing them really correct this pretty bad problem? I would say with each step, I leak 1 tsp to a tablespoon. It's the same if I do higher impact anything - jumping jacks, propulsion with aerobics etc.

I've had two kids - both HUGE and both vaginally. Things have not been the same since #2 was born.

If it is me just needing to do more kegels, when should I see an improvement? And when should I see a doctor about it if it doesn't get better?

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Kegel excercises can help but that seems a bit extreme. I would talk to the gyno about it because I think that is troublesome. A friend of mine actually had bladder control repair surgery and she said she didn't know why she waited so long.
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I recommend going to see your doctor. It sounds like you may have some prolapse. Your doctor can refer you to a physical therapist who will confirm you are doing kegels correctly and provide recommendations on how you should be doing them (I know, it sounds crazy - but it does help to do the PT). Also, a doctor can fit you for a pessary device that you can wear while working out. This is a device that helps provide support to your bladder during high impact activities.
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I've had two kids too - vaginally but they were normal-sized. I've done the Kegels regularly since number 2 was born and am a devotee of Yoga/Pilates among all the other exercise I do - which helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles a lot. But if I were you, I would seek medical help. There are things that can be done, why wait? I hope things get better for you.
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