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Default cardio- how much should i be doing

hello all so i'm just wondering how much cardio you all do and how many times a week. has anyone ever talked with a personal trainer? what do they reccomend?
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My trainer has this schedule set up for me:
Monday: Personal Training Session (weight lifting and short cardio conditioning intervals)
Wednesday: Circuit Training Class (high intesnsity so some cardio mixed in)
Thursday: Strength Training (the areas I am not working with him that week, we switch it up every few weeks) and then 30 Min of Cardio, my choice on what I do but my goal is to burn over 300 calories which is fairly high intensity
Saturday: Circuit Training Class
Sunday: Optional cardio day (30-45 min)

I would say I spend 250-300 min a week in the gym and about half of that goes toward cardio. Some of it is mixed into classes though. Its a great combo for me I am toning from the strength training and also losing fat from the cardio. In about 5 weeks on this plan I have lost about an inch to 2 inches everywhere.
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I think you should do as much as you feel comfortable doing and feel that you can maintain into maintenance.

I do 30-45 mins 3xs a week and 90-120 mins 1x a week plus 2 lifting sessions. My cardio is all running.
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I run for an hour 3-4 times a week...I try (do not always succeed) to get in 2 45 minute weight lifting sessions per week.
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There's different theories out there.

I personally get that endorphin rush I crave from cardio so I do a little 5 days a week. I have heavy cardio days 3 days a week (Spin class and elliptical) and light cardio days 2-3 days a week (usually running 3-4 miles).

My personal trainer recommended that I was doing too much cardio. Maybe. But I like it...and I get my strength training in there too.
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a personal trainer at my gym said i should be doing an hour of intense cardio atleast 6x a week!!! and vary it up to shock your body
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Opinions seems to vary, I think you should whatever works for you and keeps you meeting your goals (within reason of course). When I first lost a lot of weight when I was a teen I started with 30 minutes a day and and I bumped it up to an hour. I have about the same amount of weight to lose (about 50lbs ) so I am going to try that route again and see how it works for me. Good luck!
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I am a little extreme.

I do cardio everyday (usually intervals), minimum of one hour per session.
Weight lifting is usually 3 times a week.
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I'm not as hardcore as the ladies above! Wow, that is impressive

I try to run 3 days a week and that is usually for 45 minutes or so. However, I walk ALOT and sometimes on the weekends I'll have walked 10 or 15 miles. Walking is not as intensive, but it slowly burns the calories and is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
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My mandatory amount of cardio is 40 minutes 5x/week. Sometimes I throw in an extra 10-15 minutes if I have the energy. I weight train 3x per week, alternating legs and arms.
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i usually do 30 minutes 5-6 times a week. lately its been running-sometimes its the elliptical.
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