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Default Home Gym(weight Lifting)

Hello All

I was hopping someone here would able to offer a little help.

I'm pretty new to exercising, and complety new to weight lifting. However we just purchased one of those home gyms, i've ben all over the net asking questions and going to exercise sites. My newest question is....on the days that you do your lower body workout what all do you do? The machine I have only has the thing where you put your legs across the bar and your feet behind the bottom half and lift the weight that way. Is that all that can be done for the legs and is that enough. Everything else seems to be for the upper body,it even has a punching bag and a speed bag.

Thanks for any help.
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Default Home gym work

Hi Circles:
I had done a lot of research B4 I set up my weight lifting room at home. The hardest part was to pick things I will actually use and not throw clothes on.....Anyway, there are some great books out there & I picked up one I liked called "Sculpting her body perfect" I liked this book because the women are fit and not bulked. It had the info about the alternate day work-outs, but frankly I just do my own thing.

I use a bench and free weights mostly & I do concentrate on mostly upper body with my weights. I do some arm dips, push-ups, sit-ups, and when I want to work legs I put my bar across my shoulders and do lots of lunges & squats. A lot of other fitness work can help with legs too. I run & ride my bike to work my legs. The free weights are the best for working my arms & I do like the way it feels afterward.

Stick with it - even 30 minutes of free weights is a total health boost!

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Didn't your machine come with some kind of booklet to show you all the different exercises you can do?

There are quite a lot I know of you can do with or without free weights. A couple of good ones without are lunges, which you can do on or off a step, and the one where you get on your hands and knees and kick your legs out back. Both of these work hard on the thighs and butt, if you do them correctly and push yourself. You can work your calves by standing on your toes on a step and move your heels up and down.

Sorry I can't speak to exactly what you can do on the machine!
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