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Default Any advice on my routine?

I met with a personal trainer for the first time in my life. She did a fitness test on me and put together a routine.

My stats: 5'7", 264 lbs (starting weight of 280 lbs)

Day one: 15 minutes of cardio for warm up
Circuit I: Chest press - 50 lbs resistance - 3 sets of 15
abduction/adduction - 70 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Biceps curl - 30 lb resistance - 3 sets of 12
Back extension - OBW - 3 sets of 15
Ab Balls - 4 sets of 20
Repeat circuit I x 3

Day 2: 60 minutes of cardio: 15-20 on elliptical
25-35 on treadmill
15 - 20 on stairclimber

Day 3: 6o minutes of cardio (same as above)

Day 4: 15 minute cardio warm up
Circuit II: Overhead press - 50 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Lat pull downs - 60 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Lat pull down (leaning back) - same as above
Triceps - 80 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Rotary torso - 45 lbs resistance - 4 sets of 20
Repeat x 3

Day 5: 60 minutes of cardio

Day 6: 15 minute cardio warm up
Circuit III: Seated pulley rows - 30 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Leg press - 150 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Glutts - 15 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Leg curls - 40 lb resistance - 3 sets of 15
Ab hoist - 40 lbs resistance - 4 sets of 20
Repeat x 3

Day 7: 60 minutes of cardio

I also eat at a 1000 cal/day deficit. I eat around 2000 cals/day in 4-5 small meals, incorporating protein, carbs and fats. I started out at around 1200 cals per day, but was told that that was entirely too low for my size and activity level. Once I increased, I have had better luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't understand why she is making you repeat the circuits 3 times? Doing 3 sets of 15 reps should be fine enough? You can't over work the muscles or you may cause injury. Of all the fitness stuff I've been reading, it has been 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps (or however many) for a specific exercise.... what she is asking you to do is pretty much 9 sets of 12-15 reps and I personally think that's way to much, even if you are spacing it over the course of your workout.

Since you have asked for our opinions, I would personally do a cardio warmup, the circuit [only once], and then do about 30 minutes after [on the days you have circuit training]

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S/C/G: 285/261/150

Height: 5'7"


Thanks for your reply I was originally doing 3 sets of 15 and doing more machines, but when I met with her, she talked to me about circuit training, which is a little different.

From what I understand from her and research I've done it's circuit training, which is supposed to be a combination of cardio/strength training. I'm supposed to do 3-5 minutes of cardio between circuits, but I haven't worked up to that yet. I started out repeating the circuit twice and have worked up to 3 times. Then I'm going to start incorporating the cardio between circuits and plan to eventually get it up to 4 circuits.

The basic concept is to perform the circuits really quickly, in about 15 minutes, with little rest between sets. I typically rest about 10 seconds between. The whole workout takes me a little over an hour and I do it 3 times per week. The other 4 days, I do strictly cardio.

I really like the circuit training method, but I just had concerns about the particular exercises she had me doing. I didn't know if I should start to change it up at some point or if I should keep it the same for several months at a time. I don't want to get muscle memory and stop seeing results.
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I think SweetScrumptious was concerned that you were doing 3 sets of 15 reps 3 times (equaling 9 total sets/135 reps of each exercise) which would be waaay too much for each body part.

It sounds more like you do one set of chest (15 reps) then move directly to abduction (15 reps) and then to the next exercise and than the next etc until you've finished the circuit. And then repeat that circuit twice more. Eventually you will add a bit of cardio between each exercise. That all sounds good to me.

I think your new routine sounds fine other than you have no totally off rest days. It is easy to burn out not having a single day off unless you are an extremely high drive personality. If you do find yourself getting getting mentally (or physically) worn out, take a day off here and there to recharge the batteries.

If you are worried about losing effectiveness due to muscle memory, ask your trainer to give you alternatives for each exercise and mix it up so that Week 1, Circuit 1 you do chest press (on a machine), but on Week 2, Circuit 1 you do chest press with dumbbells on a decline bench... etc.

There is a Weight adn Resistance Training sub-form below this one with lots of good information you might want to check out.

Good luck!
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S/C/G: 285/261/150

Height: 5'7"


ohhh...I see. I misunderstood completely.

I tried taking an off day, but just about lost it...lol I love going to the gym. If I miss a day, I just don't feel good.

I guess I'm trying to make up for all those years of being out of shape....

Thanks again for the input.
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