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Default Any SPINNERS? Give me the run down!

Ok, so I've hit a plateau (i'm pretty sure) after 4 months of weightloss, exercise routine. I'm thinking of switching up my exercise routine to add a spin class.

Are there any spinners here? Is it just like riding a regular bike? Not that I can do that...but I have when i was a kid so I'm just wondering.

I've heard scary scary things about Spin class. And I walk by Spin class to go to kick boxing and body sculpting. And those spinners look like a hard core scary group. In the dark...sweating profusely. Rocking out to alternative and hard rock (they had Welcome to the Jungle - GnR going yesterday.) So besides the much better music in spin class versus body sculpting, what is spin really like?
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Ok take this for what its worth because I've yet to go to a spin class but its the only reason I'm quasi thinking of holding onto my Ballys membership...

I have a spin DVD which I use for my road bike at home and I've talked to people who have gone to spin classes.

Basically, you make it as hard or easy as you want to by adjusting the resistance. Too hard? move the resistance down. Too easy? move it up?

I would recommend buying a pair of biking shorts and you can wear something on top of them if you want. It just makes things a bit more comfortable although don't wear anything under them (I learned that the hard way).
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I've done a spinning class at my gym. I would definitely say that it is as intense as you want it to be. If the instructor tells you to crank up the resistance, then you can do that or you can leave the resistance if you feel challenged enough. It's all about judging how hard you personally are working and deciding how hard you want to push yourself.

I find it really helpful to have an instructor pushing me to go harder and faster because left to my own devices I tend to just mosey along without really elevating my heart rate. However, if you want a gentler workout, then you can just keep the resistance lower and don't increase your speed. It's all up to you.

In fact I just went to a spinning class yesterday after not having done it for a month or so. I definitely felt it in my legs afterwards!

I'm going to try to get to a spinning class at least once a week because I've noticed how much it improves my cardiovascular fitness. After just doing a few spinning classes, I was able to run better, without getting so out of breath.

Spinning is definitely not my favorite type of exercise; I prefer doing step aerobics or sports conditioning classes or kickboxing or running. But, the benefits I've noticed from just a few spinning classes, namely my newfound endurance and lung power, make it worth it to me to suffer through an hour long class once a week!

Hope this helps some!
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I go to spin class three times a week and absolutely love it. I don't find I get as consistently good workout in any other class. An since I spend most of my summers on a mountain or road bike, it's a great way to stay fit in the cold of wonter.

As Nelie mentioned, a spin class can be for all levels because you control the resistance and thus how hard you will be working. Initially you will probably find it's quite difficult to keep up to the tempo of the music, but that comes in time if you stick with it.

Make sure you bring a towel to mop up the sweat and lots of water! Oh, and longer shorts are better so they don't ride up. Have fun!
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I don't like cardio generally, but I love, love, LOVE spinning! It's something about the music and the camaraderie, everyone pushing to the max and in some sort of unison. It's true that you can make it harder or easier as your fitness level allows. Be prepared, your bum will hurt for the first few times! After that it seems to toughen up somehow!
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Spinning is great. I use it every once in a while when I feel I'm in a rut. The best advice I can give you is to go a little early and get help on setting up your bike from the instructor.

Like others have said expect your butt to hurt but if you stick with it that stops, for me it took 5 times before the pain stopped but I think its because I don't spend much time on bikes, if you do that might not be an issue.

The best part is what it does for your core, you really feel like your ab muscles got a good workout. I also like that you choose your intensity.

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Spinning is fantastic. With regular indoor cycling and outdoor mountain biking, my resting heart rate went from 63 to around 48 in about 4 months. It gets you fit like crazy.

Highly recommended!
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I too am a big fan of spinning! I go about three times a week and burn 700-800 calories per class (I definitely work on the harder resistence levels). I'd say give it a try, some love it others don't care for it so much.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I second the advice to show up a few minutes early - let the instructor know you are new and get some help setting up your bike.

Towel and water are also musts.

Then ENJOY!!! I love spinning so much I teach it now.
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Spinning is INCREDIBLE. It's hard, no doubt, but the class I was in my instructor turned down the lights to an ambient glow and turned up the music so you really end up losing all your inhibitions, you don't worry about who is doing what, you focus on you. You will sweat buckets, you will get a great workout and you will have so much fun.

Beware, though. The first few times you will get jelly legs and your ladybits will hurt like you never thought they could. They'll toughen up but you'll probably need a gel seat your first few weeks.
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I also LOVE spinning. It was on my list of things to try someday and I finally started about 6 weeks ago. I go 2 times a week. I'm not one for "group exercise" really, but this is different. It's dim lighting and good music (usually) and just a great way to spend an hour! My hr goes up quickly and it's easy to do intervals while spinning.

And, yeah, it ranks way up there with childbirth on how your nether regions will feel after your first couple times! I don't have any discomfort now though.

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Reading this thread gave me the extra push to finally try a spinning class and it was AWESOME! I won't lie, it was a tough workout but I really liked how I could adjust the intensity to what worked for me. The other great thing was the low lighting; I didn't feel so self-conscience like in some other classes.
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Ok...I'ma gonna try it! Saturday at 4:00 PM. I just signed up at my gym!
I love the idea of a great core work (and 700-800 calories.) Hopefully it will help my jelly quads too!

Thanks guys!
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