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Default Fat girl in the gym?

I'm seriously considering joining a gym, now that the snow and ice is almost here. I'm hoping to find one for about $30 a month. There is a woman's gym about 1 km from my house, I think I may check it out tomorrow. But I'm not going to lie... I'm so nervous. Uncomfortable. I don't want to be the only fat girl amongst a bunch of skinny hot girls. I've never been in a gym in my life, so I have no idea what to expect. Any suggestions? Anyone else feel this way before they joined a gym?

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I work at a gym. I have actually worked there since before I started losing weight and trust me you will find all kinds of different types there. I was extremely nervous when I first started working out there, thinking eveyone was staring at me but the truth is most people are only focused on what they are doing. The people I work with are incredibly helpful to anyone who asks for it. I say join, you will love it.
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Becoming better overall
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I go to my campus gym and you see people of all shapes and sizes there!
I was nervous too before I started going, but you realize that everyone is there for the same general reason and that is fitness, whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever, everyone is there to work on their bodies. People are too focused on their own workouts anyway to really care...
Also, bringing an MP3 player along is a great way to "zone out" and not care about what people around you are thinking.. once you get into the music it's all about you and your workout!
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I went to a gym at my highest weight and I loved it. I would say go if it will help you get your exercise in.
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I was nervous too, and though there's plenty of good looking girls at the gym, they are also plenty of normal or big or old ones too. And really, none of them are likely to give you a second thought when they're busy at the gym. It helped me a lot to wear my headphones and concentrate on the music, and I soon felt calm and at home.
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Luvja, I SOOO know how you feel!!! I'm a really fat girl, and I never thought I would be remotely comfortable at a gym!!!!

I actually joined over the summer because we needed a pool to go to. My 7 year old daughter couldn't really swim before this year, and I knew it was just a matter of having a pool to go to. So, I joined. (BTW, Lily can swim now, and even passed her swimming test to get to go on the big slide! )

Anyway, since I joined, I have seen EVERY shape and size and age! When I get there, I am doing my own thing, and everyone seems to be doing theirs. Of course you have your total jocks and hot chicks, but there are also plenty of the rest of us, too! I have started to think of others as inspirational, as in, "if I keep doing what they are doing, I'm bound to reach my goals!" I also get lots of tips for different strength exercises from watching others. Mostly, it's just so motivating that there is this whole vast array of people who value fitness and put the time in to get there!!!!

I say do it, you'll LOVE it!!!!
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I've been going to the gym on and off for 3 yrs. I gotta tell ya - no one will be focusing on you - they all have their workouts. This may not make sense now-but once you get started you will not focus on anyone either. Kelly is on the mark about bring a mp3 player or ipod - music helps get your mind off of what your doing and you'll find you'll be able to get more accomplished with it than without it. Also, some of the gyms now have tv's so all you need are earphones.

Be proud of who you are and your making your own change - let no others stand in the way of that...Good Luck!
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Do it! You will be fine! Don't worry about others. Gyms are for getting healthy and staying healthy...that's what you are there to do. Everyone will be doing their own thing and you can do yours. Make sure to get an orientation to get you comfortable with the equipment.

I love my gym...I'm definately a fat girl there....but shrinking!

Good Luck! Hold your head high and be confident in yourself! You can do it!
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I have to agree with everyone. Most people are too busy thinking about their own thing to even notice anyone else.
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Day 1 back on plan...
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I enjoy working out at the gym. The first time I ever joined a gym I was scared about being the only fat girl in the whole place..... thats not the case. You will see all shapes of people there. I'm able to go when the gym is some what empty....Not that I care about the lack of people it's being able to get on whatever I want without the wait. Once you go a couple times you will forget all about the people around you.....Paying those monthy fee's also helps get you up and going to work out . No one wants to pay those for nothing
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Thanks for the replies.
However, I'm going on an expensive trip in a couple months, so I'm thinking I may wait until I get back to Canada to join a gym. The friend I want to join with can't join until after Christmas anyway.
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I joined a smallish gym midway through my weight loss. I was pretty apprehensive due to my size, scared silly actually.

Everyone was so supportive and I found my biggest cheering section there. It's awesome to have new compliments every time I go still, talk about motivation to workout!

Seriously, my fears were for nothing. There were all different types there, nobody was there to judge, just to better themselves, their health.

A few months ago I joined another gym, in addition to my small gym (I use the larger gym for cardio as they have more machines, little gym for weights)- this one being much bigger. The only difference is that no one knows my story, my progress. I can workout in relative anonymity. Still, no one there judges - everyone is into what they're doing.

I say join now anyhow - don't put it off for your trip or wait for your friend. The cost of a gym is so little compared to the amazing benefits. Have fun!

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2 wheels is plenty :D
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The gym I below to has more than one location - but my FAV by far is the Women Only gym. I hate trying to unrack weight from great big doods.

Do not be afraid - gym's are great!
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