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Default My legs HURT!

Hello! I just finished week two of the C25K running plan and so far, so good. I've been able to complete my workouts without feeling too winded. But! My calves up to my knees feel really stiff right afterwards and for the next day, too. I walk back home really stiff-legged and wobbly!

I'm wondering if anyone has felt the same sort of pain. I'm heavy (250) but want to keep going! What is really kind of sad is my new insurance plan doesn't kick in until September 1st. My Dad actually told me to hold off on the running until then! I can't help thinking: What a system (or lack thereof) our country has! People AVOID exercising to avoid getting hurt because they know they couldn't pay to see a doctor! Let's just say I never had to worry about this when I lived in France; I could see any doctor I wanted (even a specialist!) and would pay a grand total of $7 a visit. Okay, end rant!

So, does anyone have any sort of stretches or other remedy to suggest? I don't want to quit!

Thanks in advance!

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Nah...It's totally normal to feel wobbly and sore and stiff and miserable after starting a new exercise regimen. As long as it feels like muscle stiffness rather than joint pain, you're totally fine. Give yourself an extra day off--walk, rather than run--and keep on trucking. The out-of-control stiffness will go away within a couple of weeks; your body will get used to it.

When I first started doing serious leg work, I would be so stiff and sore that I pretty much had to hobble around like a cripple for a few days afterwards. I'd do some stretching while watching telly, but I don't think it did much good. After a couple of weeks, my body got used to it, and now I just feel some little healthy soreness after a workout, as though my muscles were used, rather than tortured. My bf, who only recently joined the gym, had the exact same experience. It's totally normal.

My other suggestion is that if you work out a gym, avail yourself of the steam room and whirlpool. I've made a habit of relaxing in the whirlpool after a leg day and it does me a world of good. (And it feels great!)
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Hot baths works wonders in those first weeks of running. And just stretch a lot, but don't overstretch if that makes sense. I usually stretch after I run and again later in the day when I feel stiff.
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Congratulations - that stiffness is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and is a GOOD thing - shows you are working at a good level!

Cat is right - stretch it out - do a quick Google and look at the pictures of leg stretches - calf, hamstring, quads, inner thighs, shins and don't forget your back too!

Warm-up (slow walk) for 5 - 10 minutes, then stretch to be ready for your main walk/run! Then do the same set of stretches as you finish your run - but only when your heart rate is back to normal.

Then after a shower/bath you can take a bit more time to do a more intense stretch or short yoga session - the first 10 mins of any DVD will be fine - and you won't break a sweat !
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