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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Post A small victory and some questions

I had never done a step of aerobics or lifted one pound of weights in my life until 2005. I slowly built up to working out six days a week, I dropped visibly noticeable poundage and inches, and I felt great. But then, for reasons not worth repeating, I stopped for more than a year. I gained back all the weight and then some.

Two months ago I started again. It's been more difficult this time because now I have a memory of how much conditioning I had achieved, and I feel bad that I let it slip and I'm clearly not at that level now.

So... today I did Kathy Smith's Step Workout. This thing is HARD for me. It's divided into three stages: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Two months ago I could only do the beginning segment with no arms. I had progressed in August to doing segment 1 with arms. Well, today I decided to push it, and I was so thrilled that I could do all of segment 2! Ok, no arms on the intermediate stage yet, but I'm getting there. It sounds like such a small thing as I write it here, but it was a big deal to me because I can remember going all the way through all 3 segments at my peak. And now I'm one step closer to getting back there. So that is my little victory.

Now for the questions...

1) I work out in my living room. After two years of pounding on the carpet and underlying padding with my exercising, it is easy to feel where that area of carpet has lost thickness and springiness. What is the best kind of floor mat I can put down to continue aerobics comfortably over that pancake of a carpet?

2) I really hypersupinate -- I walk on the outside edges of my feet. The soles of all my shoes are ground down on the outside corners. I wear cross training sneakers every time I work out, but my feet still end up hurting at the end of every aerobics session, no matter whether it's walk aerobics, dance aerobics, or step aerobics. What can I do or buy to correct this supination, especially during exercise?

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Geri - I have that video too. Step is the hottest way to workout in the 90s kathy says in the intro! Gee!

I don't have a an answer to your question about the shoes... I walk on the outside edges of my shoes too. I went to a running shop and they picked out shoes that were supposed to help after watching me walk, but I haven't worn them enough to get a wear pattern on them to see if it's helped. Have you been properly fitted for shoes?

Workout mats... is the floor flattened enough that you could use those puzzle matts? I have them in my basement (the thicker ones) on concrete and they make working out quite comfortable. For carpet the thinner ones you find at target are probably okay.

Also I wanted to recommed "Go Step for Beginners" (Kari Anderson) It's alittle more "modern" then Kathys. Quite fun and it isn't too easy or too hard sorta inbetween.

I know what it's like to play "catch up to what my fitness level was last year... why did I ever stop?"

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Way to go on the progress! I don't do step - my basement ceiling isn't high enough for me to lift my arms on a step, but it's nice to be closer to getting through a workout completely.

For underpronation or supination you want highly cushioned running shoes for running - *not* motion control ones. But aerobics is different - there's a lot more side to side motion than running, and you will likely need different shoes again. A running store is the best place to buy shoes for running, but they may not carry ones for cross training or aerobics. I'm not sure what to suggest - I don't know where one would buy specialty shoes for aerobics - maybe something to do with dance? You really need the side to side support, but nothing that stops the foot from pronating when you land on it (if you're doing high impact). A good running store will analyse your running gait and can suggest appropriate shoes for that, but you need to tell them what you will be doing in the shoes too.

Personally I like to do my aerobics on a hard floor with some give in it (i.e. not directly on concrete). I find carpet moves too much and stresses my ankles. I feel much better since we took up the carpet in the basement and put down a hard floor. It's over a floating wood floor so there's some bounce in it. I'd look into those tile mats idealmuse mentioned perhaps. Are you planning to replace the carpet eventually, or do you want something to go over it? I'm not really sure what to suggest to go on top of a carpet, since it could slide and cause instability. Are you looking for more cushioning? I think it would be better to get the cushioning from the shoes and have a harder surface to work on. But an expert may disagree. Good luck

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Congrats on getting back on track! I was heavily into step a few years back and even taught a class here and there. I do it occasionally now here at home with Y!F, but I think it's a great way to get into shape and fun. For your shoes question, I agree you should go to a running store and they can find shoes for your problem. I also have slight supination and the shoes I have really help. As for the mat, I'm not entirely sure and definitely can't recommend anything. I hope you find one though!

Keep on truckin' and I'm sure you will be fine!

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Thank you all for your advice!

I wish I could pull up the carpet and work out on a wood floor, but we're renting at the moment and I doubt the landlord would look kindly on that kind of tenant renovation. :

But it is a good point that the cushioning could come from the shoes. I'm not a runner, so I never even considered getting my gait analyzed at a running shop. I will try that when my current pair wear out.

I will also check into the puzzle tiles to put over the carpet. I've never heard of those, so I will look for them and see if they might work.

In the meantime, it is off to pound the pancake carpet even flatter with my workouts!

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