Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default No Motivation To Exercise

Any suggestions on keeping up with an exercise routine? I know what I like to do and what I don't like to do. The problem is I can't keep a consistant routine. There will be days where I'll do really good and others where I can talk myself out of it so easy. I need help!!!
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I've moved your thread to the exercise forum because we have some very enthusiastic exercise-loving people here that should be able to help you out
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If nobody else had this problem, there'd be no reason for 3FC to exist... the thing is, you can't wait for motivation. It's fleeting, and you're in this for the long-haul, right? You're committed to becoming happier, more energetic and healthier. So you can't rely on motivation. You have to just do it... yeah, yeah, you know that in theory and it's hard to put it into practice. But really, we all have days where we don't feel like it.

The trick is, make it something you do as automatically as brushing your teeth or showering. We all do things, maybe work or changing nappies, that we don't always like doing. But it has to be done if you want the rewards (money, a beautiful bub or in this case, weight loss and fitness).

Two things that might help in your case. Firstly, stick to what you like on the days you're less motivated. Doing anything is better than nothing and it's unrealistic to expect yourself to do a 10km run if you hate running, let alone on the days when just the thought of exercise is a struggle. Secondly, maybe it would help to have an exercise goal - a number of minutes per week? That way you know that it'll average out fine, you can do a little more on the days you feel like the energizer bunny, and a little less (but still something!) on the days when you feel blah.

Two final thoughts - sometimes it helps just to tell yourself you'll get dressed, go and do just ten minutes. If you still feel like that after ten minutes, you've given it a shot and are free to go. 99% of the time I always feel like keeping on going after I've gone that far. Also a thought that helps me is knowing that I ALWAYS leave the gym feeling better than when I walked in. So that makes it worth it for me, to know that it's guarenteed to pep me up.
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What motivates me is good music! I know it might sound silly, but if I know I have a good group songs on my Ipod or have just downloaded some new great songs, it helps me to want to go workout to them. Plus, if you have a friend that can go with you, that's always a good motivator. Another thing that I get motivated from is buying new workout shoes or clothing! I love to do that and when I find cute outfits to workout in, it makes me want to go to the gym..... Well, at least these things motivate me...
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I'm the queen of encouraging (OK, "making") my friends and family work out with me on a regular basis. I drag people all over the place, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, etc, etc. My poor friends and sisters! But that way, I never lose motivation to go when i know there are people counting on me to be there for them... The other thing is, you never know who you might meet, and I've developed some lasting friendships out of theis battle we all share. Hope this helps, and good luck, stick with it.
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Definitely agree with what Senorita said - you need to make exercising something that you just have to do as part of your weekly routine, whether you feel motivated or not. Schedule it on your calendar, and make sure you follow through. That said, if you can find an activity that you really enjoy, you will feel much better about spending your time this way, so try some things you never did before. For me, I am not a fan of the gym, so my time there is something I view as a necesary evil - but, I have discovered at the age of 40 that I really enjoy running outdoors, so that's my primary source of cardio actiivity. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Chyone74 View Post
What motivates me is good music! I know it might sound silly, but if I know I have a good group songs on my Ipod or have just downloaded some new great songs, it helps me to want to go workout to them.
Doesn't sound silly to me! It works for me! I've got over a hundred songs so far on my mp3 player (and still looking, lol). I actually WANT to put it on and move to it.

I agree with senorita, too, jswims. The thing about exercise is that it doesn't always have to be one preplanned routine. A little while ago, I had my mp3 player on and jogged through my house for 40 minutes just because I felt like it (and considering TOM showed up today I was surprised I felt like it, lol, but the exercise seemed to help...well, that, and my friend, Mr. Mo Trin, lol). Six months ago I wasn't exercising at all and when I started this weightloss journey in January, I could sustain 10-15 minutes. But that, too, was better than nothing at all. Now, even though I can go longer, in addition I continue to grab those 10-15 minutes here and there, sort of like a quick pick-me-up, like senorita said. I'm like, okay, Ugly Betty is over, turn off the tv, put on the music and move. Senorita is right that even if you start out thinking you're gonna do something for a few minutes, you usually end up prolonging it unless your body absolutely can't take it.

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Keep this in mind , if you exercise along with your diet , you will be much more successful at the losing game.
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I kept talking myself out of exercise too. After 4 years of it, I STILL will try that at times. But I found ways to make myself exercise. I packed my gym bag and kept it on the passenger seat and went straight to the gym after work. I started parking far from doors to make myself walk. Bonus...its also good to keep down the stress of fighting for a parking spot...nobody parks at the back of the lot. I changed the exercises I did frequently to stave off bordom with the same routine. My dad's latest attempt to get my daughter (who is staying with them) to exercise...he moved all the diet sodas to the basement. If you want one, you go downstairs to get it. LOL

There are simple things you can do to set yourself up to exercise. Strap on some light weights when you're out and about just for the added exercise during daily routines...or while you clean. Put on some music and dance to relax. All of it counts as exercise and much of it you can do without effort, without thinking about it. Some things can become habit. Like parking at the back of the lot...I don't even think about it now. So I have to re-park when my dad is with me since he's handicapped. But just out and out exercise, sometimes I have to plan it into my day and/or just force myself to get up and go. If I start talking myself out of it, I switch my brain conversation and tell myself how good I'll feel after I've done it.
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Thank you for all the great suggestions. I think I'm going to go buy new workout clothes and get back on track!!! Shopping is always a big motivator for me
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I have always struggled with it myself. But I have to tell ya...after getting complimented by my boss' wife and having her mention that she thought I had lost weight, I feel like going out and doing as much as I can right now. It's encouraging to know that someone I don't see every day noticed.
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I have times like that, too, when working out is just the last thing I want to do.

One rule I have for myself: I make myself change into my "gear", put on my running shoes and go outside. Then, if I just absolutely can't workout, I don't. I have only bailed once.
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I found that mixing up the time was what got me motivated.

I have a couple shows I enjoy watching at 9pm. I won't allow myself to watch if I don't work out first. So at 8 I pop in a video or go for a walk.

I am a miserable morning person, so I was constantly setting myself up for failure by trying to do my workouts in the a.m. It just isn't for me.

I also found that by starting it, telling myself I could sit down and turn it off if I want to, I just keep going. Once you start, it feels good and you keep moving.
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jswims1981 that is my main problem with exercising. I cant stay consistent either. I get bored too quickly and if I dont see the type of results that I want to see then that is even worse. I HAVE lost some weight through exercising and dieting. But, I am starting my walking exercise since its hot spring moving in to summer. I think that will give me a lot of time to get to my goal and slim my body down, then tone everything up with exercise in a few weeks. Walking for me is a lil more consistent and realistic for me. Sometimes I just dont feel like staying in the house and exercising. Like others have said, at times that is the very last thing I want to do. Walking really moves me so I think I can really, really do it. I am capable of waking up early and going for a walk, but I cant wake up early and exercise. I can't wake up and pop in a workout video consistently. I can't wake up and go to the gym consistently (and I have done both). Okay, I admit. I dislike old fashion exercising. I admit it. LOL. I have also continued to switch up the workouts. But I got bored from doing that as well.

I think the key is to find something you like and stick to it. If you like swim, skate, bike riding, run, walk, dance, yoga, pilates(pilates is the jump off to me) working out at home, do it. The gym okay, any other types of fitness classes, do it. As I said above, I am not a gym person, yoga person or old fashion exercise person. And actually typing this just gave me an additional idea to add to my walking routine.

Then sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough (which is the reason why I asked if walking actually helps people lose weight) I have seen and heard of people who have lost weight by walking, belly dance, all types of things. I just think consistency and patience is the key, which ironically happen to be my key issues.
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