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I deserve to feel good!
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Default Oh My Shins!

Today is the 4th day I've exercised and my shins are oh so sore!! I have other sore muscles too but it's the shins that really hurt. I hiked friday, walked saturday, biked sunday and hiked again this morning. Are these the dreaded shin splints or just plain sore muscles? I don't actually know what shin splints are, just hear about them sometimes.

But aside from the soreness I really feel great! I'll have to remember this feeling next time I try to make an excuse to not exercise!
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It does sound like shin splints to me, especially given your recent activity. changing the surface on which you walk (such as going from a treadmill to walking outside on a sidewalk or something, so maybe for you the hiking was a new thing?) can cause these, as can shoes that are not supportive enough or simply just pushing yourself to do more than your legs are ready to handle. There are some stretches you can do, and icing them is also often recommended. A quick Google will give you TONS of information and stretches
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Jillybean is right, if you have changed the surface that you are on this will do it. More so if you are now walking downhill. You are streaching the tendons between your shin bones and your muscles.Apair of good shoes will help, but I think you may have to make the hills a bit easier to start with.
But is it not nicer to walk outside!
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I get shin splints if I don't warm up properly. Its pure agony so I know the feeling. What helps stretch them for me, is to rock back so I'm only on my heels. This should help.
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I have suffered from this too, I find it hard to walk/jog on tarmacs and paths. I find grass a lot more comfortable, a decent pair of running shoes is a must too, old worn ones just wont support the feet as well.
Hope your pain goes away soon.
Keep up the good work.
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Yup... at this AGAIN!
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Yup - it's shin splints sista! Been there, done that and it ain't fun

I agree with all the smart people above. Upping your intensity and distance is definately the culprit. Walking on incline (negative or positive) definately makes matters worse.

Back in the day (ahhh - the good 'ol days...), I used to do alot of long distance running. Shin splits hit me hard when we did any sort of hill training. Painful. Renny Sue hit the nail on the head though. You gotta stretch. I found pointing and then flexing your foot repeatedly does wonders to stretch out your shins. Make sure you feel that good stretch along the front of your leg.

Although not pleasant, I usually continued to train despite a flare up of shin splints. Seems like you can work your way through them. Often I'd have them at the start of the run, but they'd subside as I warmed up. Often I had to remind myself to put a bit more motion in my feet. Make sure I do that full "heel to toe" push off with each step. Do note though - shin splints are a sweeping pain across the front of your shin. If you can point to a very specific spot where you have intense pain - you may have a stress fracture. And running or walking agressively on a stress fracture is not recommended. You won't "work your way" through this pain. Believe me - it put the end to my running a few years ago and I still have trouble to this day. Blah! THAT you want to avoid.
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A great way to build muscles and prevent shin splints is running!... Running backwards on the ball balls of your feet. It was highly recommended by a track coach, and I know second his recommendation as a 204lb jogger who started at 235lbs.
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I deserve to feel good!
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Well I took two days off then yesterday went for a long power walk in a nice gentle hilly area...and my shins felt fine! Yay!

thanks all for the info and advice, I apprecieate it very much!
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