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Default The Perfect Gym--- I found it.

Okay, I just had to share some good news with you all: I have found my perfect gym ever!
I went on a tour the other day because I wanted to check it out and see if it was any good.

Why do I like this gym? Let me count the ways....

1. It is a wellness center type gym (co-partnered with a local hospital) and so not geared toward body builder types, but more average fitness level folks.

2. The average age is 45. Which means that....

3. a. I won't feel uncomfortable around a bunch of people my age who are in better shape and who are at the gym for hook-up reasons as much as fitness.

4. b. But even though there are elderly (they have a arthritis center thingy there as well) and middle age people there are also a comfortable amount of 20-somethings and even some older teenagers, so I won't feel out of place.

5. Also, the staff there are pretty much all in there 20 or 30s and the guys are definate eye candy, which doesn't hurt! Especially since now I don't feel as inadequate around them.

6. And it is an adult only gym. There is child care but the kiddos aren't allowed in the gym proper. Don't get me wrong, I love children, I used to be a babysitter and hope to have some kids of my own one day. But, it is just less hectic without children's swim class in the pool, ect.

7. Which brings me to the fact that they have a pool just for laps! Fabulous!!!

8. AND they have a freaking spa there too! Facials and massages and the whole 9 yards. Brillant.

9. Best yet-- it is literally 1.5 miles from my home. I could potentially even walk there (but it is on a busy street with no sidewalk and a couple of blind turns).

10. It is brand new and all of the machinery is state of the art. Fab.

I am so super excited about this!!! The only pooh-part is that I can't really join right now as I am in between surgeries. But in about 5 mos...... it is totally ON!

Has anyone else found their perfect gym? Why do you like your gym?
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My perfect gym is at home I am a bit frustrated with my local Bally's and really working out at home means I'm more likely to work out. I can also wear minimal clothes without anyone seeing me.
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Well, it isn't quite perfect but I'm pretty happy with my gym (Bally's). It is within walking distance of my home (this was the primary reason I chose it), it has plenty of cardio equipment (although it could use just a few more elliptical machines), and the weight equipment is newer compared to what I've seen at other Bally's. It also has a good set of free weights, better than what I've seen at other gyms. What I like most about my gym though is the personal training. The manager of the personal training program is excellent and his attitude is reflected in all of the individual trainers. I've had two personal trainers here and both have been fantastic.

My home is pretty small, so finding space to store even one piece of cardio equipment, free weights, and to work out would be impossible. Plus I really like having a variety of cardio equipment at my disposal; I use a lot of it. And, odd as it may seem, since I work from home and my SO is currently unemployed (so we are both here at the house ALL THE TIME) I appreciate the time out of the house that I get by going to the gym. The last thing I need is one less excuse to leave the house. There are many days when the gym is the only contact I have with the outside world.

I do wish my gym were a little quicker to repair equipment that breaks. And I'd definitely like to have some of the perks that go with a full-service gym (filtered water, towels, steam room, whirlpool, spa, etc.) but, alas, we just don't get those kinds of things here in Fremont, CA, and, as nice as they sound, I probably wouldn't appreciate the price that goes with them. I would love love love a 25-yard lap pool, but there aren't any gyms in the area that have that. In fact, what I really like is a gym that has two pools, both at least 25 yards, one indoors and one outdoors.
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My gym is pretty close to perfect for me...

1. It's affordable. As a student, this is a major plus!

2. It has a massive cardio hall with TVs. No waiting for equipment EVER and I can watch telly while I work out... this is probably responsible for 40% of my motivation when doing cardio.

3. They offer stacks of classes and at mostly convenient times for me. I also really enjoy the different styles of the instructors.

4. This is another biggie... they're only a 15min walk from my house And I have no car. So this is important.

5. There is a decent weights area and most of the time it's not choc full of bodybuilding types, so I don't feel intimidated to go there and there's room.

6. It's got good demographics - mostly people in their 20s and 30s, but a fair number above that. It's nice to see people of all ages enjoying their workouts.

7. Sauna... I never use it, but one of these days I'm gonna. My best friend is from Finland and she's always singing its praises!

I guess the only main downside to this would be, we could definately do with a pool... that'd be awesome. It'd also be good if there was a lounge or somewhere where you could chill out between workouts and chat to people but hey, nowhere's perfect.
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Congrats, Shrinkingchica!!! A perfect fit with a gym is critical. Before we found our gym, the DH and I were at our local Y. It wasn't good. It catered to a much older clientele, so there weren't many machines and lines were common, but the biggest problem was that some people didn't observe the "sumptuary laws," meaning lots of hairy men in tank tops and very tight spandex! The stories...well, perhaps another time.

Good luck with your new place. I hope you love it.
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I agree~good for you for finding such a perfect place!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my gym...it is a ladies only fitness center. Cheap, only $24 a month, they have a daycare but the hrs are limited and it costs almost as much monthly as the membership so I don't use it, though I swear I could get in at least another two days a week if it were free. They offer aerobics classes three times a day, all week, different fitness levels. The trainers (even though some are BOYS) are so friendly and motivating and helpful, they'll train you every month if you find you are losing, weigh and measure you anytime, always has contests and prizes for success....TONS of equipment, I NEVER ever have to wait for machines or cardio equip, a nice free weight area, which is nice for me, b/c most of the clientele goes for the machine stuff anyway. Oh and it is LITERALLY four blocks from my house. I do walk there when the weather is good.

I have been thinking about doing the family at the Y thing, so I can work out with my hubby and get the kids involved in activities, but I like my own gym SO much! I wonder if I should do both? LOL
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I too am happier than i've ever been at a gym. I love my local Y. I am not at the biggest one they have in our area. It is awesome. I don't really get out on the floor much, but when I have, they have plenty to do. I love the classes I go to. They offer such wonderful, fun, energetic classes and the people who are in the classes are in much of the same shape i am and at lot around my own age. So, I love my new gym. It's also only 10 minutes away from work, which is also on my way home from work. I am very happy and hoping to continue going to this gym for quiet some time.
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Oh, I'm so jealous! I wish I could afford an ultra-cool gym like that, but as an impoverished college student that's just not in the cards for me yet. Luckily there's a fitness room in my apartment complex, so I can just stroll next door for my treadmill and weights. I haven't had to wait for the treadmill yet (which is weird since there are only 2) and I get to watch TV while I'm there, so I guess I really can't complain!

I hope that when I'm more in shape (read: won't be as embarrassed) and have more income I'll be able to go to a real gym though!
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