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Default My fitbit thinks I'm dead...help!

I bought a fitbit flex yesterday and I have a few questions for fitbit users.

First, Iím not getting proper credit for steps done on my elliptical or my treadmill. To test the accuracy of the fitbit, today I wore both my fitbit and my regular step counter (which only counts steps, but is VERY accurate). I was on the elliptical and treadmill for 15 minutes each. My regular step counter recorded close to 2,000 steps (which was about right). The fitbit only counted 360 steps, which is way too low for a half hour. Now, when Iím on the treadmill, I hold onto the side handrails for safetyÖso my arms arenít swinging at my side. Is this an issue with the fitbit (since itís worn on the wrist)? Or might I have a dud? If itís an issue with fitbit, is it just the flex or would the other wrist models have the same problem?

Second, my active minutes for today say ZERO. Iím not dead! According to the help feature, you get active minutes when the MET is above 3 for 10 minutes. My elliptical measures METís and my MET was always above 7 since I have my elliptical set close to or at maximum resistance. I was on the elliptical for 15 minutes. I also walked on the treadmill at an average of 4 mph for 15 minutes. Still, the fitbit says 0 active minutes. Iím almost 60 and walking at 4 mph for 15 minutes has me sweating! If that doesnít count as ďactiveĒ, Iím in trouble!

Any thought as to what might be the issue? Or am I totally out of shape, such that what I consider active, others consider sleeping?
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