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Default how accurate a treadmill is on calories burned

i just got a treadmill (brand new) and i was wondering how accurate they are in calculating calories burned? i cant enter my weight so of course it might be under estimating but can it be giving me a way higher number than possible?

i used my treadmill for 60 minutes only walking and from 2.5-3.5 with an incline of 0-10 but the average was probably 3.0 and a 2 incline (i forget) and it said i burned 373 calories. is that too high for only walking an hour??

also would the treadmill know when the automatic incline is set to 10 compared to 0 and give a higher calorie burn as i walk?

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Without entering your weight, age and wearing a heart rate monitor chest strap, your treadmill is just guessing and usually guessing high.
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dang lol.. well it has a heart rate monitor on it..

are the myfitnesspal calories burn amounts more accurate for walking? or are they on the high end also?

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It sounds like you might me over thinking this a bit... from what you're describing it doesn't sound like you are going to get a very accurate estimate of your calories burned from this treadmill... But if it's something that you are really concerned with than getting a HRM would probably be the way to go... for a more accurate estimate... BUT it's important to understand that it's still just that... an ESTIMATE...

Personally I would focus on building up endurance (walking or running longer) and speed (walking or running faster) and not pay too much attention to calories "burned" at this point...
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Yeah! I have the same question, you may be wanting to know a close estimate of the calories burned because perhaps you are a calorie counter like me. I rely on knowing how many calories I have burned away to adjust my calorie limit for that day. Although it would be beneficial to just workout and eat the same amount, I'm already at a deficit I'm comfortable at right now and if I can get some wiggle room for something extra, awesome! I just workout out on the elliptical for 65 minutes, at an average HR of 157. I am 215 pounds and went for 4.15 miles during that hour. I inputted my age and weight in the machine and held on to the monitors the entire time, the calories said 560. But when I went into my plate on livestrong to log my fitness an hour on the elliptical was like 900 calories burned. Then I went onto healthstatus.com and put in my weight and the 60 min of elliptical and it said the same thing! So I'm a bit confused. I've heard of machines over estimating but never under. So what should I believe? (I hope you don't mind, save the space of another forum in here. )
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