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if only she'd lose weight
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Question Coconut Oil diet?

I've heard of it & now done some research, but has anyone actually tried it?
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Come on Spring!
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I know this doesn't answer your question but be to research. Like all tropical oils, it is very high in sat fats and can affect your cholesterol levels. I'm always suspicious of the wonder diets written up in Woman's World and other supermarket publications.
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hey ruthie! good to see ya girlie!

SuchAPrettyFace - I haven't tried it but several women on a thyroid weightloss group have tried it and said it did NOTHING for them.

let us know if you find anyone that says it worked for them
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if only she'd lose weight
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I know, Ruthxxx, every week it's a new "miracle"! Get more sleep, eat coconut oil, drink half your body weight in water, jack your metabolism w/cayenne-lemon drink.

I even did a search on here last night & I got nothin'. Hence, this thread.
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Happy Kitty Mom =^..^=
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My mom tried this and it did nothing for the weight loss (except helped her to feel a bit fuller, but all higher fat foods do that) but what it DID do for her is help her not feel so run down all the time. She noticed after about a week of eating just one meal a day with about a tsp or less of the coconut oil that she really did feel much better, she slept better and had more energy as a result.

So, for weight loss it's "meh" in her book but for feeling fuller and energy she says it's worth a shot IF your doctor says okay.

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The coconut oil diet is all about virgin coconut oil. It apparently boosts metabolism, due to the structure of the fat (Medium Chain triglycerides). Once again, this is not new information. MCT oils have been used by bodybuilders before, but the more synthetic ones tended to cause stomach cramps.

Some of the new books about coconut oil diets are basically a very-low-carb plan, but with an emphasis on coconut oil.

Everything in moderation. Things like butter and palm oils are not evil. They just need to be used in moderation.
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Learning to love ME!
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I have no personal experience with it, but I've heard from my husband that in Lebanon, doctors routinely advise its use in patients with high cholesterol.
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it's always something
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As far as I know, the jury is still out on this one. I'm told that there are no published studies involving humans proving their claims. According to several articles I read, the reason coconut oil is claimed to help weight loss is that it you feel satisfied sooner so you quit eating your meal before it's gone. Eat less, lose weight. Whether or not you actually push away the plate when you feel satisifed is questionable, considering that overeating is the reason we all got fat in the first place. There also has not been enough research to prove that MTC's have thermogenic properties or promote thyroid metabolism. It looks like someone just took an unproven theory and ran with it, as is so often the case with fad diets and fad diet products.

A spokesman for the American Heart Association said this:

People have looked in the past as to whether MCTs have thermogenic properties, and I think the answer is pretty well negative. Generally, saturated fats tend not to be as well [metabolized], so if it does have any ability to promote heat generation, it's going to be minimal..... Coconut oil's effect on metabolism, if any, is modest compared with the potential for raising overall cholesterol and particularly "bad" LDL cholesterol. Ingesting coconut oil for a short period of time will not do harm, but I'm concerned about the long haul.

As a person with heart disease, I personally feel more comfortable avoiding coconut oil and other saturated fats. Life is too short to take risks involving our health.
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working off those pounds
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well said, I agree. it's totally common sense...stay away from it if you ask me. i mean many of us do have health issues to deal with.
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Meg posted somewhere recently words to the effect that the only people singing the praises of coconut oil as a health supp/weight loss aid are the ones selling the stuff.

I think I'll stick to using it in Hawaiian Tropic suntan products. I do luv the aroma!
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I tried it...
Just another waste of my money!
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I tryed the virgin coconut oil. 5 days till my weight started going up and up...... the end of that!
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