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Default CBD oil / Marijuana

My sister just got Medical Marijuana to deal with insomnia. She reports she lost weight without trying. And if you google it... it does seem Marijuana is more likely to make you lose than gain. It is also suspected that it gives your metabolism a boost.

But that isn't legal here yet unless I get it for a medical condition.

SO I have tried CBD oil (hemp really) and I can't believe it... I have noticed a slow down to that "binging" feeling. Usually after my dinner I get home and want to dive into food. But at least for the last week, I didn't eat anything after dinner. I don't have that monkey on my back. I didn't get the oil for that reason so I just realized last night I didn't have a single binge.

Has anyone else tried CBD or hemp oil and found a appetite suppressant effect? I mean I am still hungry but I don't have the urgency about it?

I actually decided to try hemp after I gave it to my cat and he had some positive effects -- such as hair growing back in bald patches that had been there for years.
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I've been taking CBD oil for about 2 months for inflammation and arthritis pain - it works for that but I have not noticed any effect related to it as an appetite suppressant.
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Default Hemp seed oil extract

I havenít used it yet. However, my husband has been using it for chronic pain in his shoulder he injured 7 years ago. He said the pain has eased up to where he can use his arm again (he opt out of surgery because he was told he would have limited use). So about 2 weeks, I noticed he was thinner. So he started to weigh himself & he has lost 18 pounds in the last 4 weeks.

If it works for you, please keep us updated!

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I'm giving it to my dog primarily for joint pain. I don't notice anything with her hair or weight. She has more energy -- which is the opposite of what one would think, right? I can only assume that is because her joints hurt less?? It hasn't helped with her separation anxiety. At her last vet appointment they said that her lungs were a little raspy (allergies) and I hoped that she would get some relief with excessive panting. I haven't noticed any differences. She is 12. How long did it take for you to notice differences with your cat?

I have also read that hemp will help with weight loss. I looked into it for my Mom because she has severe back pain. What are the side effects? I might suggest it to her. She'll think I am crazy. BUT I feel bad for her having pain. I think it is worth a try.

Sunshine, that is amazing that your husband lost that much weight without really knowing it or, apparently, trying. WOW!
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18lb in 4 weeks without dieting actually sounds like it should be flagged up with a doctor.

CBD never did a thing for me, and I got very sick of people making miracle cure claims for it. It doesn't seem to help that many people, and it's not properly regulated.
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i ear a lot people saying that when they do marijuana they feel like eating junk food
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yea i dont think marijuana would help with weight loss as in my experience it just gives you the munchies and makes me eat unhealthy. CBD isnt really known to have any effects on weight loss that I have read up on anyway... Good luck
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I had a really bad crook in my neck and my husband had a sample and rubbed it on there and I have to say it seemed to help. I haven't ingested it though.
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Originally Posted by happy2bme View Post
I've been taking CBD oil for about 2 months for inflammation and arthritis pain - it works for that but I have not noticed any effect related to it as an appetite suppressant.
Thanks. I think i should try it too for inflammation.
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