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Interesting thread. I remember WW of the '70's and watched a friend do miraculous things.

I belonged on-line for several months, but found it too easy to spend my points on the very things that made me fat in the first place, mostly junk carbs.

The one thing about this thread I note is that no one has mentioned how WW has grown into a rather large business.

I attribute my success to me and the elimination of "stinkin' thinkin". Just wish I had back all the money I wasted on other people's ideas of what they *say* would work. Experience is what we gain from our mistakes. It's all in the head.

Just my 2 cents.
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I believe that any diet works if you want to lose weight. My friend lost her pregnancy weight on WW, but she doesn't have an eating issue. Happyness can just tell herself that her life isn't revolving around food, but I will bet my bottom dollar that it is still nagging at her and it is still a part of her life in a big way...I say this from experience....I know that place of takes years to deal with these issues, and 3fc is one place to get the support you need.

I think that emotions got touched here and there is an undertone, but ultimately I think everyone understands the sensitivity of the subject as we are all truthfully dealing with this...I do every second of the day, whether it is at the forefront of my thoughts....I have an eating disorder I began last month 80 pounds overweight and I am still 70 pounds up.....I would be crazy to tell you that it still does not take up all my time, it may get better, it may get worse. I know lots of beautfiul thin gals here in LA..models and actresses and they think about food all the time...ALL THE TIME....but because they are not overweight, it is not a looked at as a go figure...

I loved the community with WW, but I am sugar sensitive and I lost 12 pounds in six months, but I was more obessed with food, but that was because of me....

I respectfully say that those were real truthful comments that were shared between Happyness and Raven, at least the way that I read it, and I have all the acceptance and no judgment for anyone --we all get to feel anything we want....bless us all for being able to feel these things and express them.!!!

Too bad Happyness cut herself off, she will need the support, I will be thinking good thoughts for her!!
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I want to respond to HAPPYNESS. I have been in weight watchers on and off for many years. My first time was when I was a sophomore in high school. I lost 30 pounds, looked great, gained it back and then went to Jenny Craig. I lost 30 pounds with Jenny Craig, stoped eating their food, and gained it back plus 10. At that point I became bullimic.

Being bullimic is a mental problem - not related to one diet or another. I understand how you feel, I blamed Jenny Craig for my bullimia for years. After being bulllimic for a year, I told my sister and mother and decided that I would never go back to that. After years of not binging, but still yo-yo dieting, I finally realized that it was not Jenny Craig, but my desperate need to feel control over my weight.

Emotional eating does not result from one diet - it is not from Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but from our own minds.

I beg you to seek some help and not have a child until you are healthy yourself. Depending on a child to control your binging is not the answer - after a few weeks or months with the new child the binging will continue...forever if you don't seek help and a solution.

Bulimia is a serious disease and I hope that you will find the help you need to get through this!

Best of luck,

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