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I don't know, there's usually small fluctuations in your body weight based on solid/liquids in and out. I wouldn't beat myself up over 2 lbs if I were you, just stick to your diet. Maybe split the difference and weigh every few days or so.

About scales, I have a Taylor digital. I don't have a whole lot of faith in it. The battery is a lithium one and when it goes I may have to just get another scale.
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I bought a weight watchers scale digital from Walmart 29.95 and I love it. It also shows ounces. It keeps me on track and seeing a .2 loss is still a loss and I get encouragement from that.

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Hang in there!
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I have a great scale I bought on line at Wal-Mart and picked it up at the store it was around $18.00. Works so much better than my old one. My weight changed by where it was sitting on the floor. It would change by pounds even in the same setting. I could not get the same number to duplicate itself ever, I recommend Health o meter, big display to.
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What I hate about my digital scale is that it is not reliable. Like today, I stepped on it 6 times in a row and these were my readings:

The variation isn't too wide, but when you are counting on it to detect small losses, it is annoying. I usually just pick one of the readings in the middle that came up more than once (the 192.8 in this example) to be my weigh-in number. Do the scales being recommended give you a consistent weight every time you stand on it, or is it normal for scales to be just a little unreliable?

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Also love my $18 Health-o-Meter digital from Wal-Mart. Best scale ever.

I believe inexpensive scales with no frills work better than ones that cost more and have a lot of features.
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I really like my scale - it's a Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale. I think it was around $30 or so on Amazon. It doesn't really have extra functions like tell you body fat or BMI, but it seems accurate (gives me the same readings if I weigh myself a few times in a row), and lights up and has big display numbers. I've had it for eight months so far, and it's still working just as well as when I first got it.
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Viva Cristo Rey!
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Originally Posted by susanjean View Post
How often do you weigh? I usually weigh once a day,but my daughter says I should only way once a week. It helps me stay on track. I had a crummy day and overate,and it showed I gained over 2 pounds. Arrgh.... Right back to it the next day. I know I am in trouble,when I avoid the scale. DENIAL. Feedback?
We're probably all different. Some people get upset at daily fluctuations, others find it helps them feel more on track. Some people I've heard of only weigh monthly because they have negative associations with being weighed in the past.

Me, I'm a several times a week person. I need the feedback. If I'm doing well and losing at least week by week, it inspires me to do even better.

Looked up this thread because I don't have a scale of my own and am wondering whether to purchase one. But I can also use the ones at the gym so maybe I don't need to be in a hurry. I'm just getting "back in the saddle" after being sloppy and gaining some. The brand recommendations are handy to know in case I do make a purchase. Thanks!
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My scale is a digital one from walmart, I believe it was in the $20-30 range. It says taylor on it, so I assume that's the brand. It works pretty well, I have nothing to compare it to as far as accuracy goes, but it seems relatively consistent.

I weigh myself at least once a day, I would prefer to do it once a week but I can't help it. I have even put it on the top shelf in the back of my linen closet, I still pulled it out to weigh myself the next morning. lol I do try to weigh myself first thing in the morning after uh taking care of business lol but before eating or drinking anything, that way it is the lowest possible number for the day.
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My boyfriend and I use this one made by Taylor that was about 30 dollars at target. The previous one we bought that was about 20 kind of sucked as it was way off from the expensive one my mother has.
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i am using Omron Karada scan... it's pretty good!
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My current scale is a Taylor that we bought at Costco. It's digital, and tells you your fat percentage, hydration, muscle mass and bone density. I don't take those aspects too seriously, as I've heard the readings just aren't dependable. But, I've also found the weight readings don't seem dependable, either. One morning I stepped on, and it said 2 pounds less than I normally am. I was elated and suspicious, so I got off and on again. The two pounds were back...bah! Also, if I move it from one tile square to another, it gives me different weights. Now I put it in the exact same spot every morning.
The previous scale I had was Tanita, which I really liked. It was way more accurate. It was pretty expensive, so when it broke I didn't buy the same one again; bought the Talor instead.
I just hope I really am 134 pounds.....maybe I'm not.....

ps Do you really think 2 cups of coffee weigh 2 pounds? I weighed myself first thing in the morning, then drank 2 cups of coffee and stepped on the scale again and it said I was 136. What? I know liquid is heavy, but that's really disheartening....
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Originally Posted by Miss Fitt View Post
ps Do you really think 2 cups of coffee weigh 2 pounds? I weighed myself first thing in the morning, then drank 2 cups of coffee and stepped on the scale again and it said I was 136. What? I know liquid is heavy, but that's really disheartening....
It could up you by that much pretty easily. 16oz = 1lb Idk how big your cup is but most people's coffe cups are closer to 12 or 14 oz in size X2 =24-28oz plus you have to remember as soon as you put anything in your mouth your body starts producing liquids (stomach acids, spit, etc) so 2 cups of coffee could cause a 2lb spike
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I splurged recently and got the Tanita BC-1000. It takes 9 body measurements like weight, body fat, hydration level, lean body mass, viceral fat, etc. I've only had it for a few days, but it's exciting having a new toy
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I recently bought a digital Health-O-Meter from Walmart also as my old one was always different and I am totally happy with scale ever
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Just replaced mine with one of the glass, weight watcher ones. It seems pretty accurate. I think I paid like $36 for it, and to me, it's worth the few extra bucks. But, I do know a lot of the digital ones work pretty good. My last scale was a cheap-o $10 one from wallyworld that was hard to read.
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