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Default OptiBurn Ephedra Free?

Has anyone heard of this/tried this? Here's a link with some info:

I was tempted to try it, but I wanted to hear some actual people's take on things.

I'm 15 and I don't even know if I should be taking these... but I feel too overweight (30 lbs over!)
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Hi Derek...

I think these pills will help you lose weight - but only in your wallet.

What you need to look at carefully is your nutrition and exercise. Also, rather than looking at the scale, think about your bodyfat ratio. I know a lot of guys at my gym who, if they got on the scale, would be considered overweight but they are BUFF.

Here's a great article from The WeighTrainer website that just about says it all on supplements...

A few weeks ago I was at the local GNC and overheard a conversation that I feel typifies the problem with the supplement industry today.

This man was at the checkout counter telling the girl working there that his Bench Press was up to 200 lbs. and that he could really notice his arms had gotten bigger since he started taking some supplement (I don't think I can mention which one) a few weeks ago. She acted astonished at his big Bench and remarked favorably on his progress. She then made the comment that his Bench would go up even more if he was taking this other supplement and that he was short-changing himself by not taking it. Well, he was hooked. He went over to the shelf where the new "wonder supplement" was and layed it on the counter. In the meantime I was circling around the checkout to try and start a conversation with him.

Before I go on, let me say that this guy looked like he had never touched a weight in his life. He had possibly noticable pecs and arms with somewhat noticeable biceps but the backs of his arms looked like skin and bone. You couldn't scrape enough muscle off of the rest of his body to fill a teacup. Essentially, you wouldn't think he trained with weights if you saw him on the street - I've seen people who "naturally" carry more muscle on their chest and arms.

When he was reading some of the company's literature (that he was getting his new supplement from) I struck up a conversation with him.

"So you find that supplement 'so-and-so' has helped you?" I said.
He told me that he thought so, and then went on to recite the "it boosts your testosterone level" speil that he had obviously read in some useless glossy "Bodybuilding" magazine. I acted interested in his brainwashed recital in order to get him to the information that I was really interested in.
"Yeah, I overheard you say that you're Bench has gone up. How did it (the supplement) affect your Squat?"
"Oh, I don't Squat", he said. "They're bad for your back and knees, and besides, I'm not interested in getting my legs any bigger".
"How about your Bent-Over Rows?", I enquired.
"I don't do those for back", he informed me. "I do Pulldowns and Seated Cable Rows, and I haven't noticed them gone up any".
"So how often do you work out", I asked.
"Five times a week ...and I do whatever I feel like when I get to the gym".

Our conversation continued on for a while and then he payed for his stuff and went on.

Let me interpret what he was really saying for you. What he really meant to say was this: "I don't Squat, or even train legs, because I am too lazy. I do chest and biceps just about everytime I go to the gym, but when I feel especially guilty because of this I might do a few sets of half-assed pulldowns and cable rows - I'm really too lazy to do anything else; back work is just too hard, and I don't think a big back will get me laid anyway. I'll buy just about any supplements that they push on me because I'm stupid and gullible and will try anything if I think it will help me attract women."

Does that seem a bit harsh? Well, the truth hurts. This guy forked over $142.99 plus tax for that supplement; but he's too lazy to actually lift a weight. How many people are in the same boat? They do next to nothing in the gym and then expect their local supplement store to supply them with all the new, modern supplements that will give them all the sexy muscle they'll ever want. The especially sad thing is that this dude was about 40 years old - he should know better.

Let me put it straight: There's no supplement on this Earth that's as anabolic as a hard set of Squats (or even an easy set of Squats for that matter). There's no supplement on this Earth that will make up for a poor diet. There's no supplement on this Earth that will make up for a poor night's sleep. Remember that.

I've done a lot of research on the supplement industry, both out of the gym and in. I've read a lot of information (on just about everything) and I've wasted a lot of money on these things. And believe me, the best supplements are the ones that fill in nutritional gaps in your diet - not 'Testomax 2000' or whatever is the newest rage. If you've been lifting weights for a while you might remember such things as dibencozide, beta ecdysterone, boron, etc., etc., etc. Where are they now? Ever see the add where Chris Confesssore states that some supplement he's endorsing is responsible for his world record Bench Press? Is that so now? How come it never worked for anyone else? How come he held a bunch of world records before the stuff came out?

Sure there are plenty of useful supplements out there: Vitamins, minerals, protein powders, creatine monohydrate, etc. That's the kind of stuff I'm going to focus on on this site: stuff that actually has some value. But always keep in mind that, as good as these things may be, they won't give you an ounce of muscle if you don't deliver the goods in the gym. These things are simply nutritional support for your gym efforts; nothing more.

Your priorities should lie with the big three: training, nutrition and rest. These are the things that, when all three are in order, will make you big and strong. Nothing else. Supplements may give you a few extra percent if the big three are already taken care of. Of course, you don't have to believe me; you can waste your time and money looking for the easy way to muscle, but, in time, you'll realize what I've said here is true.
Summing up:

1) Don't believe what the muscle/fitness magazines say about this or that supplement. Remember - most (if not all) of the magazines are OWNED by supplement companies - the possible few out there that aren't rely on the advertising of supplement companies, so take what you read in the magazines with a HUGE grain of salt.

2) Think of it this way - if those supplements worked wouldn't EVERYONE be lean?

3) Nutrition, training, commitment - that's what works. I invite you to come hang out at the BFL/Bodybuilding forum here at 3FC - or if you want to be in a more male-oriented site - check out - lots of guys there (ya gotta see the Transformation Gallery - totally inspiring!)

Good luck!
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Your point 2 is exactly what I was thinking, if it was really so good, everyone would use it and be skinny. I've been exercising, getting my lazy butt off the computer more, drinking water in place of pop, but im not sure what to eat. I'm in kind of a vice here since I can't eat vegetables. I think it might be a health condition or something, but I can't eat em. I never burp, I think that might be a factor of it or something. But I haven't burped since I was a baby. Anyway, are there any healthy foods (besides veggies) that I can pick up at the store to eat for lunch, and any healthy snacks that you know of? Thanks!
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