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Default *Hydroxycut Max for Women*

I read the recall on the Hydroxycut in the begining of this forum but i am currently taking them. I think they are great. I haven't had a fast heart beat or shakyness at all! It has givin me the extra boost when i work out and has helpd my appitite alot. I am hoping that i can get the rest of my weight off! I work out every other day with my mom doing Pilates and Yoga and i also hula hoop and hr a day and am starting to go to the gym at least 1 hr a day 6 days a week. the last month i haven't really dropped weight so i think i came to a plato and i am hoping that this helps me. Has anyone else done the Hydroxycut Max? What is something someone might recommend for me to do to help get my weight loss going again?
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I did Hydroxycut Max for women a while back and I got sick really light headed and nautious. And it actually made me throw up. Just eat healthy and workout pills never work I feel.
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I would never knowingly take anything that had been recalled, regardless of whether I'd personally experienced side effects (yet). Recalls, particularly in the herbal supplement market, aren't something that happens lightly or without significant evidence of harm.

Besides, the ladies and gentlemen in the Goal forum here can attest that you can get great results without any of that, so why take the risk?
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What Manda said. I would never, ever taking like that. First of all, weight loss is possible without it and who knows what it's really doing to the body. I suspect it can't be healthy, no matter what the ads claim.
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Actually, the pills have taken out the recalled ingredient.
I told my doctor I was taking hydroxycut a few days ago and she said they were fine (as they are caffeine based).
As to their efficacy I cannot attest. I have been taking them for a few weeks, they have make me sort of jittery and give me a mild headache. They haven't really done anything to move the scale....I don't think(I weigh in tomorrow).

Yes, yes. We all know that there is no miracle cure. But sometimes I get tired of all this self righteous weight loss condescension. I for one am desperate to get weight off before my wedding and I will use diet pills if they help. There are risks with every non-FDA approved supplement (as there are any FDA approved medication) but the risks are not prevalent enough to pose a real risk to me (IMO).
You can go ahead and disagree. I'm fine with that.
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Default It does work

It does work, it helped me to loose 20lbs and to keep it off so far, I have recently started taking it again to help me to reach my next goal as I have hit a plateau despite the gym. (I work out two to four times a week). However-I never took more than half the recommended dose daily and made sure to drink tons(like 60-80 oz) of water daily which removes the lightheaded nauseous feeling. They have a lot of caffeine in them, the lightheadedness is basically like a caffeine headache, which for me often leads to nausea. Also, acclimate your body to them, take one for a few days in the morning, and slowly work up to two and then three or four, two in the morning one or two in the afternoon. And don't eat late! This pill essentially stimulates your brain to burn more calories with an adrenal response to caffeine(fight or flight-which causes your body to pull stored energy and burn it), if you eat late this process starts and will make it very difficult to fall asleep.
Of course you can lose weight the natural way, but a little extra help can go a long way.
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Dingo - you're only hurting yourself if you think the disapproval comes from "self righteous weight loss condescension." Thousands of people have come and gone on this forum, and we have a great deal in common. We are all questing towards a goal that's proven difficult to achieve. People reading understand the desperation you're talking about.

The reason you see people disapprove on this message board is because so many have walked this road before, and there are so many voices eager to see you avoid the pain, disappointment, and distraction from reaching your goal. It's not self-righetousness. It's compassion. These pills will not work; you'll spend time and money on a path that doesn't help you. Your desperation will increase. And it's possible that you'l end up only seeing a higher number on the scale than when you started.

If the pills really worked (beyond perhaps limited crash-dieting success), America wouldn't have a weight problem. Look at the goal section here or the long-term maintainers forum. Not a single person can credit weight loss pills to their success.

Edit - just noticed the timestamp on Dingo's post. Still, jnbear, I hope you'll reconsider.

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There are risks associated with stimulants and one should be particularly careful about taking anything that has been recalled as there has to be significant evidence of harm or potential of harm for a recall to happen. That being said I don't think making someone aware of potential danger and harm or suggesting that there are alternatives is self righteous or condescending. This is a support forum where people come for help and advice, I assume that if they didn't want to hear opinions or suggestions they wouldn't come here and post. I don't think there is a need to be defensive.
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Im familiar with various different diet pills, hydroxycut max did absolutely nothing for me. Like i said though, im quite experienced in the stimulants department. I agree with previous posters who are pretty much saying, if it works for you and you arent having negative side effects....continue on. Oxyelite pro actually helped me lose the 30 lbs ive lost to date. I dot understand why everyone rags on diet pills. Obviously we know they arent a miracle pill and we are spending are own hard earned money on them. I never expected a pill to do all the work for me but when weightloss is as hard as it is, im eager to take anything that is gonna make it a little easier!
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