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Default **What Works??**

I've been debating trying some sort of diet pill.. But I really have no idea what will work & what won't..

So I'm just wondering if anybody is or was on any diet pill & If you could give me some info on any of them.. How & if they work, prices, how often you need to take them.. stuff like that

Thanks a MILLION!!

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IME, diet pills don't work. They're supposed to be appetite suppressants, but my gaining weight had nothing to do with appetite. For me eating wasn't about hunger. I ate when I was happy, sad, stressed, lonely, bored, watching TV, reading a book, working on the computer, driving, celebrating, grieving ... you name it. I used it as an excuse to eat.

And on those rare occasions when I did eat due to hunger or any other time I ate, I ate chips, hamburgers, fried things, cheesy things. I even ate healthy foods like oatmeal and eggs in quantities that no normal human being should eat.

So for me pills did nothing. Less than nothing. They made me caffeine jittery while NOT affecting the amount of food I ate.

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If diet pills worked we'd all be taking them and there would be no obesity problem!
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I have tried several, dexatrim ,trimspa ,hoodia and alli none of them did anything for me but upset my stomach and waste my money.Easier said than done watch your intake and up your activity level,save the money you would have wasted on some nice exercise clothes or something that will make you fell better about yourself.I always feel more like exercise when I buy myself a new workout outfit.
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getting back to 140
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Diet pills = lighter in your pocketbook

We all would like a magic pill, but in my many years of experience, it just doesn't exist

Buy a workout dvd and a calorie counter book instead.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
If diet pills worked we'd all be taking them and there would be no obesity problem!
I agree! If they really worked, we'd hear about them on CNN, read about them on the cover of Time magazine, and our doctors and hospitals would recommend them. Instead, the only way you hear about them is from the manufacturers and their sales agents. Even "testimonials" are notoriously fake.

If they really worked, I'd take them
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looking for onederland
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A girl I work with has lost 40 pounds using diet pills and laxatives. Sure, she's lost weight, but she looks terrible with brittle hair, bad skin, and she has no muscle tone. Not to mention she gains weight back when she stops the pills (because she hasn't changed her eating habits), and has to start taking them again.

I'd stay away from the stuff!
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