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Does it just work to hel you eat smaller amounts of food by filling you up quicker? I wonder what it is that fills you up? I will have to look into this.
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Yes,I got it 2 weeks ago and so far it makes me eat less but,for some reason I been peeing alot and only lost 1 lbs whole month of november and now being december I have to wait and see.
The only thing I can't stand that I have to use more packets bc,one does not do it I have to use 3 packets not 1 like they say,so it works if your not a portion genius like and can eat small meals.
I strongly suggest you dont' get it bc,lately its been giving me night sweats and sometimes I hear ringing in my ears and light headed,and runs.
I will stop taking it after december.
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Default It's not magic.

I would always be suspicious of anything that does not bother with FDA approval. I was looking for a 3fc thread on sensa after I got an ad in my email today. Your senses can be vastly different from that of your peers. Haven't you smelled/heard/tasted something someone else hasn't before? I doubt any product that supposedly works for such a variable and that hasn't been FDA approved. There are reasons why journals are peer reviewed and it's not so scientists can drink tea with their pinkies out and their brows high in the air. It's to make sure you haven't made mistakes and that you're not a fraud. For those of you looking for testimonials you also need to use your reasoning skills. If the science behind something is not good, results must be coincidental or due to other factors. Coincidence and factors you yourself may not be able to repeat. If you're itching to try an otc weightloss product I recommend Alli. But remember there is no magic pill. You in the end will have to change your habits to change body. Any medicine is going to be a crutch you will not be able to lean on forever.
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Default Has anyone tried Sensa or is anyone on the Food Lovers Plan

Has anyone tried any of these and lost weight

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I tried this once but I kept forgetting to sprinkle my food and consistency is key. It is desiged to change the taste of the food to trick the brain so you do not WANT to eat it like you used to... that is my take at least
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There are a few things about Sensa that I must say.

I agree with all previous posters when they say to be careful with your money, debit card information and the "free" trials. If you use a "one time only" card to start your free trial, and then load the card every time you want to get more, then this product is safe if you cancel on them. I personally didn't have any problems cancelling with Sensa or them ripping me off.

They have a forum, just like ours, that you have to be a member (part of the Sensa fee) to partake in. There are a lot of lovely people with real results on those forums. It's inspiring just like it is here. There was this lovely woman named Sheryl who had been on Sensa for a good amount of time and honestly lost 100lbs. I spoke with her daily. There were a lot of success stories on those forums. (Most of them seemed to range from 20lbs - 50lbs).

There are a few "rules" to Sensa, that most people don't read or hear about.
1) You have to drink X amount of water. (The healthy amount to your weight).
2) Sprinkle EVERYTHING you eat from sweets, to real meals.
3) Once you start feeling full, you stop eating. It doesn't matter if it's one bite into a whole meal. Feel full, stop munching.

I know Sensa works for some people and for me, it worked. It worked REALLY well. I felt fuller faster, I stopped craving sweets and breads and pastas. I started wanting fruits and wanting veggies. I lost weight, 22lbs to be exact.
(I also worked out and started monitoring my nutrients a bit more).

I think there are a few reasons for my success though... other than the sprinkles.

1) The support system. I found 3FC because I needed competition, support, and inspiration. The sensa forums delivered that for me, and you guys do too! I think it's why I'm doing well this time around.
2) You consciously sprinkle all your food, so you're all ready thinking about what you're eating. That is a great big help, the same kind of help of WRITING DOWN all your foods, so you think about what you are eating.
3) There are things on the site to log in your food, activities, and weight loss. (Just like Fitday, 3FC, and other free sites). That really helped me as well, to see how much I was burning and to help keep myself accountable.
4) It really did help me feel fuller faster the first month, the second month didn't really affect me as well. Third month, starting strong again (They send different scents every month). I really didn't struggle as much with portion control as I am now. These days I have to make very conscience effort to NOT eat more than I should and to NOT get the pastry. On sensa, it was so easy to say no to extra food and the pastries didn't look as appetizing as they use to. I craved other things suddenly. I don't know how that worked... but it did.

In all honesty, it was pricey and the things that helped the most, I have right here with you guys. =)
I also gained all the weight back + some when I couldn't afford it anymore and cancelled. (That says something).

These sprinkles help some people, and others they don't. But really, I think the real effort is doing it without. Keeping yourself accountable.

Not to mention (while it did help me a great deal), the scientific evidence is sketchy, as others have posted above and it's PRICEY.

Hope that helps anyone... ask me questions if you have more. I have a good deal of experience with the stuff.

One thing I did like though, was the forums had chat rooms and competitions. Winners of competitions actually won items. I won a "10 day kick start" (which was a meal plan for 10 days and 10 days of exercises + a water bottle and magnets). Some of the prizes were things like a book, free months of Sensa, coupons to a local store... etc.
Those prizes were really motivating sometimes. XD
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Default Sensa (sp?)

Has anyone tried this or know anyone who has? My SIL has recently dropped over 100 lbs but has, I would guess, another 150-200 to go. She is convinced this is the answer. I don't personally believe in these things but any input would be most appreciated.
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Here to Learn
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Never heard of it until now but a quick google sure makes it look like a gimmicky fad diet to me. Another "no exercise, eat whatever you want, and lose 30 lbs in 6 months" diet. If only.
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I watched a work-friend use Sensa for several months. She swore it worked for her, but that was only if and when she used it. She claimed she felt content with less food when she used Sensa. I'm by no means endorsing the product; I don't believe in it. She did mention that when she stopped using Sensa, she gained the weight right back, hmm?
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Default Sensa

Does this work? Has anyone used this?
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I heard it doesn't work very well but I only know one person who's tried it
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Originally Posted by sensualappeal View Post
I heard it doesn't work very well but I only know one person who's tried it
That makes sensa...
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I tried it. I wasn't sure if I was eating less because of the product, or because I thought I should be feeling fuller.

I only did it for maybe two weeks. The container I had in my purse flipped open and emptied out in my pursed.
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I'm following Weight Watchers, but I'm also working out about 1.5-2 hours a day (triathlon training). I've been having issues with appetite - I'm just always hungry and I want to eat my fist. I give myself extra points to eat, have a lot of fiber and protein with every meal, and try to fill up on 0 point veggies but I still found that I was just STARVING, so much so that I was running out of my Weekly Points by day 4 and I wasn't really losing weight. I couldn't NOT eat my weeklies/activity points because then I'd get dizzy.

I've seen the infomercials and I pretty much figured it was some sort of appetite suppressant, but I'm very against stimulants and all of the other weird things that are on the FDA watch list. The guy in GNC tried to sell me a fat burner, and I went off on him about the ingredients and how I don't really need it - I'm working out, I'm just HUNGRY. Also, if you read the ingriendients for Sensa, they've been evaluated by the FDA as being safe for consumption (forget the exact meaning) So I figured what the heck, I had a coupon and a % off and I bought it.

It's only been 2 days but it has DRASTICALLY cut down on my appetite. I'm still hungry when I wake up in the morning, but I've found that as long as I sprinkle it on my food (the booklet says you have to put a lot on, so I have been), I'm not ready to ingest everything I come into contact without the day. I'm still giving myself SOME extra points because of all of my activity, but I feel like my hunger is more manageable. Much more manageable.

It doesn't make me feel "full" - it just makes me feel satisfied. I'm not compelled to keep eating because of hunger. And I'm also not getting a headache because I'm hungry (which is what tends to happen when I just say eff it, I'm not eating).

I'll keep you all posted on how it's going. I was kind of mad at myself for buying into something like this, but I was somewhat desperate and the fact that the FDA did evaluate the ingredients made me feel a lot better, also the fact that I already eat very healthily, it's just the AMOUNT of food that hinders me.

I don't know how well this would work for someone who doesn't already have a somewhat balanced diet. If you're eating "junk" for 3 meals a day, it's still high calorie and may not lead to weight loss - I'm just kind of using it as a supplement to my already healthy diet and ridiculous amount of exercise.

(sorry for the novel)
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I tried this for a month, phase 1 and I didn't notice any difference in appetite or weight loss.
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