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Smile Nootropics - what is so smart about them?

Hi everyone,

My name is Wolfgang and I'm living in Australia for almost 6 years now (according to my name I must originally come from Germany, you're right )

A colleague of mine recently gave me a dietary supplement Centrophenoxine (former Lucidril).

He knows that I want to lose weight and get back in shape since a long time but I haven't really took action on that (my current weight is about 215 lbs and I want to lose 17 lbs minimum to get down to 198 lbs or more).

He swears on these capsules and I tried them only once so far.

I really felt an alertness and more focus on what I'm doing (computer work).

Of course, I did some research on the web about nootropics and the substances used in them.

What I'm not sure about is the fact how it adds benefit to weight loss.

There are so many articles out there that say "yes" but on the other side there are as many "nos" as well.

Is there somebody out there who has ever tried nootropics in combination with a successful weightloss program?

I'm looking forward to any reply and helpful info.

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I've heard very little about nootropics and have no opinion either way. It does sound worth investigating further

Other than supplements and prescriptions, exercise may have the same effect on our minds and our weight. There's a new book out, Spark by John J. Ratey, MD, which promotes 'the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain'. This might be a preferable way to approach the topic for most of us. If interested, you can learn more about it at
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Hi Suzanne,

Thanks a lot for contributing with the Spark link.

It was a very interesting presentation by John Ratey.

It realy comes down to do the excercise, doesn't it:-)

I'm still using the Nootropic supplement my colleague gave me, because I can find that in combination with any activity (especially jogging) my mind and focus gets clear as water:-)

I also found a course ware which calls to action and is pretty much in alignment with Ratey's message.

It's called Simpleology and it lets you do a daily target praxis. It's amazing how this little tool unclutters your brain and daily activity from all procrastination and I-do-it-later excuses. It's such a helper on my weight loss journey.
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