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Smile Slim Essentials Detox......or any detox

I have been wanting to do a detox for the longest time in order to help some digestive issues Though many people use it to jump start their diet, that would be a bonus of course because I can use all the help I can get. Apparently, people tend to feel a lot more energized afterwards and that is a great side effect. Today I was at the store and picked up the Slim Essentials 30 day detox. I have been looking at it forever, but today I saw it was on sale so I picked it up. You are to take a small amount of liquid in the morning prior to eating and again at night approximately 30 minutes prior to dinner. This is not a "liquid only" detox but they suggest you increase your water intake to make up for the lost fluids and eat a lot of greens. Right now my I am nervous I will not be able to be more than 20 feet from a washroom and that the liquid is going to take disgusting, since I don't have a strong stomach. Has anybody every tried this or anything similar. I would love to hear your feedback. Please PM me with any advice you might have.

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If you do a search, you can find many detox issues discussed previously. There are many forms of detox including eating fruits and vegetables only for a period of time, drinking only juice for a period of time, drinking only a sugary drink for a period of time or some combination of the above. There are also detox teas but I've never seen detox pills (or paid attention to them) which this appears to be. From the ingredients, it shares some ingredients with normal diet pills as well as laxatives. If you have digestive issues, I'm not sure taking laxatives is the best thing for you.

Personally, I think if you want to detox, you may do better with doing one that is based on real food rather than a pill.
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You should consult a holistic practioner if you want a natural detox. I bought my detox from Blessed Herbs. The changes in my health were well worth the cost. It also improved my vision so much that I had my perscription changed and my optomistrist remarked on it. Everyone will have unique experiences. I wouldn't recommend it for weight loss. Also, I had NO bathroom issues of any kind. I must admit to a killer headache and slight nausia the first day.
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