Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default I think this is my forum...


I'm Jeannette. I'm new here. I just happened across this while searching for ... er.. something which I've completely forgotten what was. Ah well.

I'm 25, I'm gluten intolerant, I have fibromyalgia and some as of yet undiagnosed autoimmune disease/issue/whatever that leaves me with big glaringly obvious inflammatory reactions, and has left me needing a wheelchair about 70% of the time. Obviously dieting is very difficult for me these days.

Right now I weigh in on my broken scale (yes, replacement time soon soon, like maybe tonight even) at 225. I think it's about 15 pounds off, so until I get the new scale, I'm ticking myself at 240, which is close to the weight limit of my wheelchair.

I need to lose weight. I've been on a gluten free diet for almost a month, and in order to maintain my health (and acquire a need for a smaller wheelchair) I obviously need to drop pounds. I would like to be under 200, aroudn 180, but that's a long weigh off. heh.

I was doing quite well until I broke my elbow about a week ago and now, I can't get even the limited amount of exercise I *was* getting, so I don't now what to do about that at the moment.

I definately need to get serious though, loosing weight will help me lots.

I'm glad I found this place, maybe that'll be all I need to get REALLy going. I never have willpower to maintain diets.
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Welcome - there are a great bunch helpful people here. You can lose weight without exercise, it just takes longer. There is no such thing as willpower for me - I exercise choice - I try to choose good foods 95% of the time and have the other 5% for things like ice cream, chips, etc. No one should be dieting. A diet has a beginning and an end - and most of us already know when the diet ends the pounds come back. Instead, look to make permanent lifestyle changes to the way you eat. You need to develop a way of eating that fits your food preferences and the way you live. One size does not fit all.

Good luck!
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Oh, Susan . . . how right you are. We have to stop thinking 'diet' and start thinking 'new way of life'. And, wow, girl, you are definitely living proof of that truth.

A great big welcome for you Jeannette. This forum is definitely a great place to help keep up your resolve. There really are no obstacles we can't overcome when we have help from our cyber friends. I have diabetes and it too can add difficulty to the weight-loss journey. Just one more tribulation to overcome.

Hang in there, kiddo. If we just keep doing as many of the right things as we can manage, we will succeed. And here's a little to help along the way.
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