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Default Help! My lungs are confused!

I have asthma, and have had it since I was a baby. It's reasonably under control but a bit tricky to manage, as many of the preventative meds are off limits for me as they give me debilitating migraine. So currently I only use ventolin (salbutamol) as I need it. In winter I will probably go back on the corticosteroids.

Now here is the confusing bit. My routine is to be on plan with eating and exercising for two months, then have a maintainance week, where I keep exercising but eat a bit off plan. I still have my normal breakfast and a normal lunch or dinner, but have a couple of treat type meals, or perhaps a couple of snacks or items I wouldn't normally eat. I always maintain during that week and have never had a gain.

When I am on plan, my asthma is a bit of a nightmare, and is getting worse since I have lost weight (sigh). I wheeze during the night at least once, and tend to have a couple of wheezing episodes when I exercise. On maintainance week, I get next to no asthma, and certainly no exercise induced asthma.

I'm confused. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? Could it be the slightly higher fat content I am eating during my maintainance week? I have two to three glasses of alcohol in maintainance week and am alcohol free the rest of the time, I don't eat a lot of chocolate during the week so it isn't any mysterious anti oxidants..... I am really stumped!!!!! If anyone can help figure this out, I would be most grateful!!!!
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you maybe retaining fluid around lungs. ask your doctor if youcan take water pill to get rid of the fluid retension. glen
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