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Default Need advice thyroid

I need some advice about weight loss and possible thyroid issues. Just some quick background to help you understand my situation. Seven years ago my husband passed away very suddenly. Over the next two years or so I lost 90 pounds. I was walking about 2 or 3 miles a day and not eating much due to grief.
Over the past two years I have gained about 15 pounds. I am 58 5ft2 inches and weigh about 135. I was not walking as much and started eating more..I feel huge! I am depressed because I gained some of the weight back.
My TSH is on the high end of normal, so my question is is the weight gain enough to consider thyroid medication? I have been trying to exercise and limit carbs, but don't seem to be losing anything.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hello Redwind! .First I am sorry for your loss. I also have thyroid disease ( hashimotos). When your thyroid is not optimal, it is very hard to lose weight, I'm 43 and was diagnosed at 17. Some advice, since Ive been trying to get mine under control after gong to many misinformed doctors. Most doctors and endocrinologists only test for t4 levels. My doctor tests for t4, t3, and tpo ( thyroid antibodies) levels. You have to have the full picture, not just the ts4 most doctors do. if you insist they should test you for all of these, if not find a new doctor!!!! The main thing my doctor told me to do to get my thyroid antibodies down is to go gluten free, and take 200mcg selenium, gluten is bad for thyroid health. I have been gluten free for 2 years and it has helped a lot. Now I am doing the ketogenic diet and have never felt better. I did however clear it with my Dr. first and am doing baseline blood work tomorrow. I know this is a lot of information to take in, sorry! To answer you question I think it is worth looking into meds, I take naturthroid, which is natural dessicated thyroid and it works on t4 and t3, Synthroid only works on t4. I hope this has helped! Please feel free to respond with any more comments or questions.
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Default Thanks Carrie

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate your help!
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"High end of normal" based on what? In my experience (as a sufferer of Hashimotos and hypothyroidism) many doctors use outdated lab ranges. We see anything from 4.5 - 5.0 considered normal for TSH, when in reality you're hypo when you go over 2.0.

My 2 cents- for what it's worth- is make certain your doc is doing full thyroid panels on you at least occasionally and also checking your blood levels of vitamin D (should be over 70). And your doctor should adjust your dose of thyroid medicine based not just on your labs but also on how you feel- many people feel better with their TSH down around 1.0.
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Hi Redwind30,

i'm not an exspert but if i may share my advice
i'd say a quick trip to the doctors or even a nutritionist/dietation
may be a great benefit here!

There you'd be able to consult with someone with a more experience
on such matters. You'd be able explain your situation (evening your feelings)
and they could help you come up with a solution most appropriate for you.

What do you think about the idea?
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I have Hashimoto's also.

The only thing I can think to post right at this late hour is check out
There is a lot of great info there although it might seems like a lot at first.
I would try to get your doctor to test your T4 and T3, as well as for your TPO and Tab antibodies to see if you have Hashimotos. STTM site is a great resource for recommended labs. I'd recommend having your Vit D & Iron tested as well.
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High "normal" TSH is commonly a sign of hypothyroidism. So what the medical industry calls "normal" is actually a disease state.
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