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Default Developed something terrible?

Not sure what it is. I started this diet and exercise programme back in September and went from 340 to 250. Then put on another 10 and I'm not 256 trying to get down to my first goal of 200lbs.

We then had to move house in February this year and one evening, after my very intense workout (I did plyo fix 21 day fix if anyone knows it), I suddenly couldn't breathe very easily and started panicking...

After that, I had difficultly breathing and it was very scary. It's like I can't "catch" my breath and like each breath isn't satisfying? Breathing through my nose doesn't feel like I'm getting any air, and taking a deep breath through my mouth is how I have to breathe but it's not always "satisfying." Kinda feels like I'm slowly suffocating when I can't get any air and I have to try several times to get it to "Catch" or "hitch." Some people online suggested it may be something called LPR? No wheezing or cough associated with asthma, my partner reckons it is though and bought me an inhaler online. I am in the UK but can't use the NHS because no doctor will treat me (pretty common here for GPs to refuse treatment to anyone in the overweight or obese category). So that rules out that.

Just wondering what it could be? Any physical exertion triggers it, this feeling I can't get enough air and it doesn't "catch." I did 6 mins of yoga yesterday and couldn't get through it, it triggered this "attack." Used my reliever inhaler and I also take a preventative but it didn't do anything. Not sure the preventative is doing anything either.
Some people online said it may be anxiety but I'm not feeling anxious during a workout? I am a very stressed out, anxious person. It just sucks because I was on my way with the weight loss and it's been disrupted for 3 months now because I can't workout. I loved working out and really miss it. Did I just go too hard during all those months of doing intense exercise and not my lungs/heart has crapped out? Do you think it could be a serious underlying problem with lungs/heart or is it asthma? I build up the exercise slowly since September and actually got pretty fit. Now that's all gone

I am focusing on just diet and doing low carb but the lbs are moving off verrryyy slowly. 1/2 a week/every two weeks which is ridiculously slow since I'm very overweight! My diet is in check but it was the exercise (x5 a week before) that caused the weight loss. I eat 1 portion of carbs per day e.g. brown rice/brown bread - no soda/sugar/junk food. Plenty of vegetables and lean protein.

Don't know what to do Anyone have any ideas or experience this themselves? Can be very scary at times, the slow-suffocation feeling can last for an hour at a time.
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Can you at least go for walks? Or does this trigger the symptoms? You may have to lay off the twisty bending over jumping kind of exercise for now (not scientific lingo I know) and try regular upright positioning. How about swimming, bike riding, or an aquafit class? BTW, the weight loss happens in the kitchen, not in the gym/fitness class. So even if you are really stuck and can't do anything (although I'm pretty sure you could walk for exercise still) you can still lose weight with portion control and healthy food choices. It sounds like exercise induced asthma from your first description, but you wouldn't get that from 6 minutes of yoga (Unless it's hot yoga). Barring that, anxiety attacks can come out of the blue and they are also a symptom of menopause (not sure of your age). If you are a stressed person anyhow, it wouldn't be surprising. Keep trying to find a doc. Inhalers on a whim are not a good idea.
I low carb. If you are doing this to lose weight, you will likely need to cut the rice/bread out completely for a while and choose lower carb/higher fibre vegetables and fruit like berries.

Hope you find your answers...
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This is WAY too serious to try to diagnose yourself, and it is not safe or wise to use an inhaler that has not been prescribed. The Internet is not a substitute for medical care. Is there really not a single doctor that will see you? I thought our healthcare system in the U.S. was messed up, but no doctor willing to see you because of your weight is downright unethical.

Can you go to the emergency room as soon as you have an attack? Won't they have to treat you if you say you can't breathe?

In the meantime, can you walk without an attack?
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You definitely need to see a physician. Cold be exercise induced asthma. I concur that you should go to an ER next time it happens. Not being able to catch your breath sounds serious.
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Now that is nonsense, I have lots of friends in the UK that are fat and they have no trouble at all getting a doctor to see them. You need to see a doctor, ASAP. You have no idea what is going on with you and it's very important that someone finds out what it is that is happening to you. Do not delay, find a doctor and go. If you like, you can send me your location in PM and I will ask around my UK friends for doctor recommendations.

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^^^ Agree agree

You really really should get an appointment. It could be exercise induced asthma, although there are lots of other explanations. Possibly life threatening--we gotta breathe, after all. You could try non-aerobic exercise, like wight lifting. Slow and steady reps.

FYI: I developed cold and exercise induced asthma, and it went away with weight loss and better fitness.

All the best to you.
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