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Default Infertility and TTC struggles

I will not go into a whole lot of specifics just yet, but I have struggled for years trying to get pregnant. My doctors have told me that losing weight could help. That is one reason that this weight roller coaster is so emotional for me. Anybody with similar experiences?
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Yepper! We have been trying for ages, and finally got to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I have pcos and insulin issues so his first directive was to fix my diet and exercise more :/ .
I have managed to get pregnant once, but had a miscarriage- which led to me getting the referral to the RE. I have a number of embalances that are causing me problems, but many of them are exacerbated by being overweight.
Are you seeing a specialist? It has really helped me emotionally to have some solid answers and help.
We are currently on our first round of IUI

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Yep. I don't ovulate regularly over 200lbs, eating poorly (at least not without Clomid or certain herbs.) I have PCOS.

With both of my daughters, I cut out flour and sugar for a single month, lost 8 or 10lbs, added some mild aids for blood sugar control and got pregnant quickly. It is that dramatic for me: no more pizza, soda ice cream = ovulation and conception.

I will say that when I have a focused goal, like TTC, it becomes far easier to eat correctly.
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Yes, and weightloss is a fricking walk in the park compared to infertility.

We have twins now. Took 5 years.

Best of luck to you. It will work out one way or another.

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Have you had your thyroid checked? Bad Thyroid levels can cause infertility, miscarriage, irregular periods, or no period at all.
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I have also struggled for years to get pregnant. As a teenager I didn't even realize that going a few months without your period was a bad thing. PCOS is a real pain, but losing weight for me does help with the regularity, so that if/when I actually ovulate there's a greater chance of getting pregnant.

My husband and I tried for 4 years. I agreed to join his Mother in a weight loss attempt (my first!) and less than 4 months later I had lost 50 pounds and was pregnant. I lost quite a bit more weight and by the time I gave birth was at about 100 pounds lost.

Over the last 10 years I've gained it all back, and the last 5 years of actively trying to get pregnant have resulted in 4 miscarriages (and a weight gain after each one, hence being back to my starting weight back in 2003).

All of that to say, you are not alone! It's a rough road to weight loss, and adding infertility makes it that much harder. But if something rather simple, like a little weight loss can improve the odds, then it's worth the effort!
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to all

DH and I are struggling with infertility issues. We had a miscarriage 11 months ago at 10 weeks and have been trying ever since with unexplained infertility.

At the time, I'd lost 125lbs and was down to 200lbs, running 10ks and competing in triathlons. (I ate 45lbs back after the miscarriage...ugh) I was so convinced that my weight is what made me miscarry.

I had a very frank conversation with my OBGYN regarding my weight and the role it plays. He said that if my weight were to play a role it would have been in my ovulation and informed me that the issue isn't exactly your weight, but often the things associated being overweight. Example: PCOS often causes problems with ovulation. A lot of women that have PCOS are overweight, but not all overweight women have PCOS. Correlation does not prove causation. I hope that makes sense. Often the lifestyle associated with being overweight is a factor, but most of us here are now living extremely healthy lifestyles. Exercise promotes ovulation and helps regulate hormones.

I don't have PCOS, I ovulate like clockwork, and all the tests have come back totally to say that I should be totally fertile. They really don't have a reason that we're struggling. DH checks out totally fertile too. My OBGYN put me on clomid this month just to see if it does anything. *fingers crossed*


Chin up, ladies. <3

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