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Default Fructose Malabsorption and Lactose Intollerant

Hi Everyone.

I decided to lose weight last Friday and I started Weight Watchers last Saturday. I was feeling so crappy that I became determined to feel better. Well come to find out I have Fructose Malabsorption and Lactose Intolerance. I found out when I became bedridden with abdominal pains, diarrhea, bloating, headache and extreme gas. I knew I was lactose intolerant but I used to cheat and just suffer the gas.

Well its day 2 and I had to go to the doctor because my stomach was spasming.

So I got sent home with a lot of stuff to research and now I'm bummed out because I don't know how to do this. The list of foods to avoid are most of the foods I eat.

How am I supposed to lose weight now when I have to learn a new way to eat. It was hard planning weight watchers I look at the cupboard and don't know what to put in my mouth.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is in just about everything. Fructose/ Fructans are in some fruits and vegetables. Lactose is in Dairy. Sugar alcohols are no problem for me because I steer clear of them after a similar episode with some Sugar Free Chocolate.

I just feel alone. I wonder is there anyone out there who went on the low FODMAP diet and lost weight on their eating plan and feels better now?

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Well, what you need is a list of foods that you CAN eat ~ not the other way around. You need a solution for the diagnosis ... so here are some of my thoughts (as a person who used to have IBS and must watch the sugar too) ...


... all lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork, lamb)
... most, if not all vegetables; eat the ones you can
... no-fat dairy and yogurt (ie no-fat/no sugar yogurt/icecream, skim milk; no-fat cheese slices; no-fat cottage cheese; and other NF or low-fat cheeses).
... non-dairy milks like soy milk or almond milk; soy cheese
... whole grains like cereals (check for low sugar) like Oatmeal, shredded wheat, Red River Cream of Wheat, Oatbran, Nutri=grain, etc.
... Brown Rice; Wild Rice; Converted Rice; Basmiti Rice (brown is best; but white is OK mixed with brown).
... All kinds of Beans (you can buy canned but drain & rinse well); you will have to cook them how you like them yourself.
... no or low-sugar condiments like mustard, or make your own salad dressing of oil & vinegar plus herbs and spices.
... tomatoes and plain tomato sauces; tomato paste.
... most whole grain or specialty breads; read the label; and limit your intake.
... whole grain pasta & noodles (ie spagettini, rotini, elbow macaroni)
... eggs (prepared any way)
... canned tuna and salmon; chicken or turkey; packed in water
... low sugar fruits, like all berries

You know, the WW plan allows unlimited fruit and uses a lot of processed foods -- why don't you start there. You will likely have to focus a lot on fresh, whole foods for now; and for extra things, you will have to read labels carefully. Start with the basics, then add in things one at a time and see how you feel ...

EDIT TO ADD ~ I read last night in another thread that you also just started taking BENEFIBER this week -- that alone could account for all your symptoms. Stop taking that for now, and see how you feel ...

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Thanks JW2BH. I was having a major moment. I'll do that today. They say I should start to feel better fairly soon once I give my intestines a break. So I made a soup last night. That went over well. So I'll eat that until its gone and that should buy me some time to figure out a menu.
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-ANY VEGETABLE THAT IS NOT DARK GREEN or you have not tested.
- HONEY almost pure fructose

I have been fructose intolerant for 15 years and have extensive experience with fructose free diets. Trust me I suffered through testing every vegetable, fruit, and chocolate creation.

Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT TOMATOES, they have one of the highest concentrations of fructose, next to honey it's about the worst thing for someone who is fructose intolerant, or has fructose malabsorbption.

All plants have fructose in them, and it is almost always enough to give you cramps, bloating, diarrhea, and a host of other problems. Be careful of wheat products too, most people have no problem, but they are a fructan and turn into fructose later in the digestive process, so it can trigger symptoms.

The sweeter something is, ie strawberry, the worse it is for you, versus something bitter like spinach which I tolerate pretty well.

Also, since you have fructose malabsorbtion your body cannot absorb the sugar so it stays in your intestines, and it loves to suck water out of your body, so WATCH FOR DEHYDRATION, it'll give you a killer headache.
And since all that sugar is swimming around in your intestines, it's great food for bacteria, so DO NOT EAT YOGURT. Yes yogurt is healthy for you, but 9 times out of 10 it contains fructose or a sugar alcohol, and bacteria. Yes good bacteria, but too much of a good thing is bad. When it gets to your intestines it can feed on all that unabsorbed sugar and cause some major complications including severe infections and some even scarier stuff.

Being fructose intolerant is a major drag when it comes to dieting and losing weight. Avoid anything labeled "diabetic friendly" - fructose is diabetic friendly because it doesn't have the effect on your blood sugar that glucose does, so they add fructose to just about everything for diabetics. I see you have experience with the sugar free chocolate.

Sugar is ok, especially glucose, it can also help counter any fructose you might have eaten without knowing. (RIESEN chocolates are made with glucose, that's about the safest chocolate I have found for fructose intolerant sufferers).

Sorry it's so long, but you need to know this stuff. I have so much information I want to share with you, I suffered for so long without knowing and my doctor didn't believe me and wouldn't do the breath test for me, I want to spare anyone I can from the pain I went through.

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I am fructose intolerant too!..i have not found to many people who are..any helpful tips i would love for you to share them with me..I am stuggling with my weight because of this!
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