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Default New with hypo

I was just diagnosed with hypo two months ago. Currently going thru a few others things right now. They are testing me for Addisons disease.. I am stuck at times with this as my sodium is low and cortisol is high.. It leaves me on a low sodium diet as well. You would think eTING MORE SODIUM WOULD HELP, BUT IT MAKES IT WORSE.. Anyone have this.. I am struggling and trying to find better recipes that fit my needs.
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Hi there! I was going to tell you that I suffer from severe electrolyte imbalances as well. I have also been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and tested for adrenal insufficiency.

I know this can be very frustrating and confusing to manage, especially if you aren't sure what exactly is causing it and the symptoms tend to be inconsistent.

The biggest thing I had to learn to do throughout my ordeal was learning how to listen to my body. Sometimes I CRAVE salt. Literally, I will eat it right out of the shaker, and other times I will have something a small bit salty and I feel terrible and my blood pressure goes nuts and my heart rate climbs. It can be very scary and frustrating. My doctors and nutritionists finally worked out a lenient meal plan that I can loosely follow to help try to balance everything out.

Basically I am suppose to eat more protein than simple carbs, to keep my blood sugars from spiking and crashing. I am also not allowed potassium, as there seems to be an overabundance of that in my system already. Also, I was instructed to not drink more than 64 ounces of water a day.
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