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Default Psoriatic arthritis?

Just wondering if anyone has psoriatic arthritis and is able to run? I have it in my lower back and right hip but when I try running my heels and legs kill me for the next week or so. I guess I'll stick to walking for now. I've been taking Humira for a couple of years I wonder if I need to try something else?
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I have a problem with stiff joints and muscles; and would find running or even jogging too difficult to even attempt now. Might I suggest a form of 'SPEED WALKING' that I see lots of people here doing now. You start off walking, then as you get used to that, you swing your arms by your sides, and pick up the pace to get your heart-rate up. Listening to music on an MP3 player or an Ipod is great while doing this too. This is a good substitute for those who can't run or jog. Right now, I am happy just to be able to walk ...
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Agree with 2Bhealthy.
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I agree also, with the walking.
I have lower back/hip problems. Last night, I was really feeling being on my feet for 7 hours with no sit down break at work. It can be very frustrating to say the least.
When you run, your joints are pounding together, not good.

Also have you tried taking glucosamine? I've just recently started taking it regularly. And I've read that evenign primrose is good not only for pms but for imflammation, also.
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I have psoriatic arthritis as well, and Instead of running, I bought an Elliptical Machine for my livingroom, because it's easier on my joints. Still hurts like heck, but i get through half an hour.
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Default Luckily it worked for me to reduce psoriasis.

One of my friend suggested dermalmd psoriasis serum. Luckily it worked for me to reduce psoriasis. Thanks.
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