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From Victim, too Fighter
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Talking Hi everyone new here, with many obstacles

I hope I can join y'all here.. Cause as of today.. I have made the decision too no longer be a darn victim in my own BODY.. The anger in me has led me too this phase in my life.. Victim be Gone I say...I have felt sorry for myself for over 19 months.. all my medical issues, have really had me down, with good reason.. really, but no more.. dang it...

My story is a long one, and I have been through the wringer, will try very hard too break it down for you.. It started alomst 19 months ago, after the birth of my 4th and final baby. Some symptoms actually started during my pregnancy, Like having allergic reactions too things I have never in my life been allergic too( like make-up, and tooth paste, certain foods ) My wedding ring... I would get itchy blisters, and I have been married for 20 yrs, same wedding ring on the same finger for same amount of yrs........ALso.. after my son's Birth I was DX'd with Burning Mouth syndrome, this is NOT a pleasant thing too live with..... I now have some Neurological symptoms that have since popped up, that not even my neurologist can figure out.. feeling faint like I will pass out at any given time, I get a pulsing/pressure sensation in my brain, I'll wake up out of a sound sleep like there is eleteric shocks going on in my brain..I just had an EEG for this 2 days ago.. I have an intense urge too clench my jaw all the time, I hate this feeling so much, but TMJ has been ruled out...
I do have PCOS/ Insulin reisistance
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
MicroAlbumin Uria

I seem too be allergic too everything under the sun. I feel as if my body is just attacking itself( sometimes I think LUpus ). Up until the birth of my last son, I was a pretty health woman. I think I know what happened. I have too be pre-medicated for his birth, he was a c-section, so for 24 solid hrs, I get antibiotics ( he was a winter baby ) at this time my Immune system was pretty much kapoot from all the antibiotics, and I think things just went down hill for me after that.. Like I just could never get back too a certain health point I was before my sons pregnancy.. but this is just my thpery....anyway too make matters worse with the immune system thing 10 days after he was born we all got this horrible stomach bug, this bug was so bad my baby ended up in ICU for 3 days, and ever since this stomach bug, I have never been well since. I think we got some bug from the hospital..
Anyway... there really is alot I am leaving out.. Like the thrush I had during my pregnancy from all the UTI's and Macrobid I took...then my adrenal crapped after my sons birth so I was on steroids for this for alomost a yr, am now weaning off them... with the steroid I put on 40 pounds and have NO IDEA how this happened...I ate no more then I normally would, all this fat sort of just showed up out of no where... And I am not a small girl too begin with...

I am frustrated with not having answers as too why I am so sick, I cannot even begin too tell you how much I have gone through.. the blood work... the NRI's, the CT scans, The amoount of Dr's.. all too be told I am normal...I am seeing a new ENdo who I am hoping can help me. I am told he is the best of the best. Frankly, I do not think it is normal too be allergic too pretty much everything you eat..I had en EEG done the other day, and got blisters on my forhead from the gel they used too hold on the leads.. NOT NORMAL...So I am hoping maybe I can get my new endo too listen..or maybe my Neruo too lkisten when I go see her...too discuss the results.. In the meantime..
I am angry and ticked off, and tired of being a fat moose, and a victim in my own body. I have decided, too work out, and go gluten free too see if maybe this might help, ang going luten free will be the biggest obstacle for me, so I could really use some supposrt..

So for the first time in 19 months, I got on my treadmill 2 days ago, and waled for 24 minutes I felt really good afterwards too, but also realized just how out of shape I was..

I would love nothing more then too become a part of this group.. I sure could use all the support I can get.. Lord knows I need it!!


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Hi and to the site. Sounds like you really have your work cut out for you. But you've come to the right place for the support you will need to get through it.
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From Victim, too Fighter
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Thank you so much for the welcome!
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Starting Over
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Welcome Missy! Wow, you've been through a lot! I'm sorry I don't have any answers or health suggestions for you, but I do hope you'll find lots of help and support here. It's a great place.

Hang in there! It sounds like you have a great attitude, and you're determined to change what you can - that's a huge part of the battle right there! We're all here with you!

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Goodness, you sound a good bit like my sister and me combined. I'm sorry! We say that we are as we are because of all the royalty in our background...must be all the inbreeding!

My sister is allergic to everything. She can't take generic drugs ever...they all seem to use similar binders and she will break out in hives after just one pill. She's allergic to one or two different alcohols. OHSU the big/best hospital here in Oregon actually has slides of her to show to students showing rashes they still don't really know what to do with but find interesting. She is allergic to formaldehyde resin, and seems more susceptible when she's stressed. If she wears shoes that have formaldehyde resin in the glue, her feet break out in a rash that has actually deformed her feet. She would get staff and blood infections all the time. Her back had a horrible rash on it for a while too...can't remember what that one was from. I'm allergic to bees and spiders and anything that might bite you, but she's allergic to most everything else.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade some doctors told my parents that she'd be bedridden for the rest of her life. You just had to touch her and she'd get a raised welt. The inside of her throat was swollen even. I once played tic tac toe on her arm just so we could see if it would did. My mom and dad were desperate so they took her to this doctor that most other doctors at the time thought was a total quack. He had her go off all milk products, beef, processed flour of any kind (even store bought whole wheat didn't work...I remember my mom buying wheat and grinding it herself), and sugar. We ate like that for 2 or 3 years. Gradually they were able to introduce things back. She still can't have much ice cream or cream cheese if she's stressed or she breaks out in hives, but otherwise she can eat sort of normally. There is a heck of a lot more stuff she's allergic to...but I don't bother trying to keep track of it anymore, other than stuff I might have which I could keep out of her way.

Me, I've been through the tests and things so I can sympathize with you there. Don't let one clear EEG make them give up. I've been diagnosed with epilepsy. I've had...umm...5 EEG's I think and only one was abnormal. I've had more MRI's than I care to mention (I have some actual brain deterioration and calcification...not even 40 yet...shouldn't be happening), etc.. Things started for me back Nov of 1999. It wasn't till last year around this time that I FINALLY got a diagnosis. I actually had a doctor tell me that he didn't know what I had, but I was weird. Well thank you...that is helpful. You just have to not give up and push the doctors to make sure they actually listen to you. If you don't like the one you have, find one that will listen to you. I'm on my 3rd neuro. The first put me on a seizure med that I found out later was still rather experimental and then sort of ignored me. After I gained 50 pounds in one month (after having gained 20 the 2 before) I stopped and didn't bother going back to him. The next one didn't do anything (the one who called me weird) and then the third I loved and found out she's one of the TOP in the state. Then, she moved and I ended up with a 4th...he was highly annoying so I found my 3rd and went back to her! Personality as well as ability plays a part in whether a doctor will be good for you or not.

Oh, and I can try to help support you on gluten free. I'm not, but you know...when you have to go watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" in a theatre where everyone around you has gobstoppers and chocolate up the wazoo and you are sitting there with carob stars...well, let's just say I hope it builds character! So...I understand about how difficult it can be to shop for stuff that doesn't have gluten in isn't an easy one to avoid, but you can do it. With any allergy type food, you really should give it a couple months to see if it is really doing any good.
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MISSY ~ what group would you like to be a part of? There is a PCOS/Insulin Resistance group in this forum; maybe you would like to post there. There are others who have thyroid problems too. We also have a PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED thread here and you are welcome to drop by there anytime too.

I too have lots of allergies; not as many as you, but do know how it feels to get bad hives, rashes, itchies, and the like. I really have to watch anything with perfumes in it, esp soaps and materials like wool (anything that isn't cotton) that scratches my skin. I have very delicate skin and can't stay out in the sun too long or the hives show up.

You will find people here who have had similar symptoms and know how challenging a special diet can be. Best wishes and do come back often.

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