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Default Fibromyalgia Supplements and Diet?

I was wondering if anyone else if taking supplements in addition to their prescription meds for Fibro. Also if anyone else is trying to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

I have not only fibro but also osteoarthritis. Currently I take: wellbutrin for the depression, meloxicam for the arthritis inflammation and gabapentin for pain ( new study showed Gaba in doses of 1200-1499 mg a day was great pain relief for fibro). I also have sleeping pills in very limited quantities for when I truly can't sleep for many days in a row...which thankfully is improving. However, I also take the following supplements:

*fish oil
*vitamin D
*vitamin E
*multivitamin with extra iron and B complex
*Holy Basil (New Chapters brand)
*Zyflamend (New Chapters anti-inflammatory)
*calcium chews..yum they are chocolate

I also try to eat a mostly anti-inflammatory diet. I use as a great resource as they include inflammatory factor in their info for most foods.

Just wondering what else people have tried with success.
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You take a very similar assortment to what I take. I take prescription naproxyn (anti-inflammatory), cymbalta instead of the wellbutrin, and add l-glutamin and bromelain. I also add extra vitamin C. Lots of it
What does the basil do?

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Question Holy Basil

It is supposedly good for mood and stress and has some anti-inflammatory properties. However it is very expensive and I am going to have to eliminate it and the Zyflamend from the list, as I am going to only be working part-time when I return....too bad, I think they work but I will know for sure in a month won't I!
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I have fibro, osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. I also have sleep apnea, general anxiety disorder, social phobias and bipolar disorder. Currently I am taking:

Relafen - inflammation and pain - doesn't help a whole lot but it's all my rheumatologist will give me
Temazepam - sleep
Seroquel, Lamictal, Xanax, Cymbalta - mental problems
*Cymbalta is approved for fibro check it out at

I have a variety of supplements but currently I am not taking any. I'm not sure if any will help with the fibro and inflammation. Here are the supplements I have:

Pantothenic acid
GF Thyroid
Multi vitamin
B complex
Fish oil
Vitamin E
Liquid amino acids

I can't remember what most of them are for. Anyone know about any of them?
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