Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Thumbs up Paxil and weight gain

Is anyone taking Paxil Cr? I have been on it for two years and every since then my body has gone hay wire! I have gained 70 lbs. My doc is not sympathetic and I am having other body hay wires! I am tired of being a big girl not "fat" but I am 36 years old, size 16............. my body has gone to Can anyone help with the Paxil question?
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Sorry, no. I take paxil and I'm good. We did fiddle with a couple different antidepressants at first and this is my second try with Paxil. But it's the best. Effexor was bad for my weight.
A couple of things to remember.
There are many good antidepressants. You don't need to stay on one that doesn't work right for you.
And we (depressives) are dealing with a couple of different reasons for overeating, lacking exercise, sluggish metabolism etc. It's about like fishing the onions out of your soup to find THE problem. But you keep trying, right?
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You might want to do a search on paxil here, I know we have had folks discussing it before.

I'm so sorry your having such a hard time with it.... have you talked to your doc about switching ?

Hugs !!!
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I have a very unsympathetic doc right now. I might try Wellbutrin. Someone told me about it. I know that over the last few years since I have been taking it, that is when the weight came on.............It sucks. i think my metablosim is gone freaky too. No one ever told me that when you hit 35, your body goes to **** in a hand hoo..........
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get another doc.
He should be working with you on options if you think the medecine might cause weight gain.
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You've gained 75 pounds in two years and your doctor isn't concerned???? That's crazy. Dump him.
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that is not a good doctor. mine is very concerned about weight gain as that causes more problems. cholesterol and Blood pressure problems. i was on wellbutrin, but the whole seizure side effect thing scared me. (not good for someone who gets panic attacks and is a hypochondriac. lol) i am on paxil now and have had no weight gain on it. (been on it for 3 months) get yourself a new doctor. You deserve better than that!
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I gained 30 pounds on Paxil. I complained to my doc (after about a year of being on it!) and she told me that she'd never prescribed Paxil to any woman who didn't gain at least 30 pounds on it!!! gggrrrr....

So we switched to Celexa. It's worth a try - to change meds. Certain meds mess up certain people, others it may have no effect on. You have to find what's right for you. And if your doc ain't listen'n, I agree with the others - GET A NEW DOC.
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I think that generally, weight gain and antidepressants go hand in hand. Try some other meds/combinations, and really, really, REALLY examine your diet. You might find that your weight gain may coincide with your antidepressant prescription, but excess calories may be the culprit.
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I haven't posted here in quite awhile, but saw this and wanted to respond. I took Paxil and was told it wouldn't cause weight gain. I gained 65 to 70 pounds on it. I still take a small amount, cause it is helping---but I was MAD!! Paxil, according to my doctor, is now well-know for packing on the pounds. It is true that we are all individuals, but I just wanted to let you know my experience. I still have the extra weight and it does affect me emotionally. Good luck, and find a good doctor who listens to you.
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Paxil is a SSRI (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and weight gain is generally a side effect of this class of drug. The problem is that Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro and Paxil all fall into this catagory. Switching to another SSRI may not solve the problem. It has been said that the average weight gain is 5-15 pounds. You really need to find a health care providor that will find a drug that is effective for you. I took Wellbutrin for a few months. Wellbutrin has a low risk of weight gain and sexual side effects. However, Wellbutrin was ineffective for me. Then again, these drugs work differently with each individual.
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Every med will be different in the class of ssri's. You just have to use one and see if you gain. I think it is soley what you put in your mouth!
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I was on Paxil for a year and never gained any weight. Also, was on Effexor for about a year and never gained any weight.

I didn't lose any, either - but I wasn't trying...
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