Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Side Effects of Depression Meds

I have been on Lexapro for about a month. I am feeling so much better mentally but to be honest I am feeling the sexual side effects. I have NO interest in sex at all and I've always leaned the other way, having a high sex drive. Plus when we do make love, I find that I can't get there if you know what I mean.
I hate to have to go off the meds when I am feeling so much better about life in general, but we are trying to conceive so I want to "want to", know what I mean? LOL

Thanks for any advice and sorry if this is TMI.

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My doctor told me that there are lots of meds to choose from, nobody has to live with unconfortable side effects. Go back and talk to your Doc.
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Wellbutrin is said to have a low risk of sexual side effects.
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I pretty much had the same problem with Prozac so I switched to Wellbutrin xl. The wellbutrin was okay and the want to came back, but only about as 1/4 as strong as before, so I could take or leave sex. I'd rather be depressed and horny, thank you very much.

Good luck!

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I had the opposite side effects with Prozac and Xanax. It sent my sex drive through the window, to the point the my then husband wasn't enough. It gave me the desire to want other men. I had never cheated before and nor have had the desires to since I've been off the meds.

Guess it reacts differently on everyone.
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Wellbutrin xl has worked wonders on my depression and it has sent my "want" thru the roof!! I am very pleased with Wellbutrin, but like someone else said different meds have different side effects for each person. Talk to your doctor is my advice.

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lol, I have been on effexor since feb and it has sent my sex drive into space, to bad I was not really seeing anyone just sleeping with the ex so I could get some

Talk to your Dr, and ask for another type of med! Nobody should have to suffer.
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I am on effexor and my sex drive has always been through the roof and it still is. Also if you would beleive exersise usually helps with a sex drive also. (Just another good reason to exersise)
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You crack me up!
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I dunno about lexapro, but on zoloft, my doc would have me take honeymoons - not take it on Friday and Sat every other week. It REALLY helped!!
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It's amazing how different meds affect everyone differently. I never had a problem with meds affecting my sex drive. EXCEPT when I went on Effexor. No matter what I tried, I could never have an orgasm, not even "by myself". It was HORRIBLE! As soon as I went off of it, I was back and happier than ever! LOL
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