Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Talking Tuesday Chat - May 16th

Good Morning,

Today its gonna be hairy w/the boss around

But!! I came in early and get to leave early... gotta be at my DD's school for a Mommy & Me petting zoo thingy...they won't let the kids touch the animals w/out their parents LOL.

How are you today?
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This isn't a very active board, is it?

I'm doing okay. I can't seem to get motivated to start exercising, and I'm the type of person who needs to get it done nice and early. I didn't sleep well, and I woke up way too early. All that being said, I'm trying to modify my attitude to reflect how I want to feel. So, from this moment on, I'm . . . motivated and cheery.
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Hey Leenie & Helena!!

Good morning! It's been a tense few days, with the floods in New England taking up alot of my mind... I heard from a few of my friends yesterday, and they are ok....for now! One friend is on the police dept and is going to send me daily updates if he can. Most of my friends are in the worst hit areas, by the Merrimack River! So I'm hoping that the water starts to receed soon!

I haven't been doing really well with either the eating or exercising lately. It seems like the day just gets away from me, and I get so unmotivated. I also need to do some SERIOUS grocery shopping as we have nothing in the house to eat! Maybe that's my problem. Argh...I hate grocery shopping! It's not a fun thing for me. I find it such a chore.

Today I am determined to get some cleaning done around here....I just cleaned 2 days ago, but you wouldn't know it! Frustrating!!!! I have a pile of dishes to do, laundry to put away, vaccuming to do...oh the joys!

Have a good one ladies!!!
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One day at a time..
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Hi guys

Well, I got up at 8:30 and went for my 2.5 mile walk with my MIL and now I'm gonna attempt the elliptical and some weights.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.. I'll check back later..

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Goodmorning Ladies,

It's gloomy day here in Boston. I've been out of commission in CT this past weekend and knew NOTHING of the flooding that happened here all weekend until just this morning. My boss couldn't even get to work yesteday becasue there is only really 1 road open coming from the North!!! Crazy and scary all at once!

I slept alot this weekend but ate really well! I was under alot of stress due to moving so I'm really really glad that I did well with the eating cause usually that's how I handle stress! so YAY! Now to add exercise...

I'm going to join the group fitness at my gym for June to see how that goes. We shall see

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good morning gang

Leenie - I've been meaning to ask you...what concert did you go to over the weekend that you stood for 4 hours? yikes! I hope the concert was good good good to be on your feet that long Have fun at the zoo today.

Candi - CONGRATS on your 40 lb weight loss! that is awesome! you must feel great!!!

Amanda - the national news is showing some of that rain and flooding. It looks awful! Are you getting some of that rain too? I hope everyone makes it thru it ok.

Ms. Helena - have we met yet? if not - welcome! hope you get some exercise in. I also need to get it in first thing, but have gotten out of my routine. But I will get back to it - I have to!

Jess - so you slept thru the flooding? but it is flooding in your area? were you able to get to work? or was it just your boss? Stay safe!

Cin - glad you are feeling better each day. did the docs feel that 50% open is good enough for now? what was the percentage before the first stent? I don't know a lot about the proceedure you had done - so sorry if I'm asking a silly question. How did the concert go yesterday? did you do ok in those bleachers?

Liz - you busy working???
Tippy - has the remodeling swallowed you up? how is it going?

and how is the rest of our gang?

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
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Good morning ladies! I am new to this site and I think it is wonderful, very supportive. I previously lost 45 pounds and kind of hung in limbo maintaining. I have had problems with deppession my whole life and I seem to have it under control usually and every once in a blue moon it comes out with a vengance. That would be right now. I am 31 yo mom, wife, and nurse. I have a great life and I am hoping to enjoy it more.
I have been binge eating a lot too. Last night even though I was full and knew what I was doing I ate 5 slices of pizza, 2 ice cream sandwiches, and 4 cupcakes. So today is my wake up call. Starting today I am calorie counting, excercising and holding my self accountable. I ordered a book by Geneen Roth too. Hopefully this is a fresh start. I am contemplating joining OA.

Well sorry so long. Everyone have a good day. Thanks for listening.

Sorry to hear about the your friends and the flooding. I hope it turns out okay.
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Welcome all the newcomers! Great to see you here! I am working and busy with my kids at school.
The weather is great.
Need to see a doc......having chest pain and trouble eating......probably nothing losing a few pounds wouldn't help!

Miss you all!

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Good Morning everyone

Welcome Irishchic and MsHelena!

Beautiful day here again. I'm planning on doing a quick trip to town and then hopefully can spend the afternoon outside.
I'm a little discouraged with that silly scale of mine. I was doing so well and now I'm up three pounds. I'd like to just say to heck with it, but I'm so not happy with the body I'm in. Also my step mother send some pics and I'm in some, oh my.... not good. We have that family trip coming up this summer and I know there will be lots of picture taking and I do not want to look like what I have been. I know I'll get it together, I just wish I was a little quicker on the uptake
I finally had to break down and do a major shop as we were out of food as well, so I've loaded up with the good stuff that I can eat guilt free.
Anyway I'm off.

Take care all,
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Cathy - No, I don't believe we've met. I made an intro post a day or so ago, though. I just finished the aerobic portion of my exercise. I'm going to do some strength training now, and if I can fit it in, I might do some more aerobic.
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Hi Gals
And a Special Welcome to all new posters! Glad to meet you.

I am an inconsistent poster myself so forgive me please! far as my post 50% is fine.It was 90% blocked at one time. Neither me or the Dr are concerned at this point.What he was saying was good news Leens.they would consider another angioplasty IF needed before surgery,,,,,,,,,,dont worry No surgery in sight for me..I am on the mend!!! I am dancing on easy street these days!

Two more weeks and I am heading back to work. Good thing cause I have done nothing all this time I have been off work.not even put away the winter clothes much time and all I have done is lay around! Ha! I don';t even seem to mind!

I feel terrifci TODAY.

Grandaughter was so cute in program of 100 kids.....I looked at her the entire time.she wants to be an actress ! She does light up on stage! She is only in the 6th grade.......we will see! Who knows She is 6 ' tall will tall shoes on!

Later gals
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Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've had a lot on my plate these days, but it feels good to be back. What felt REALLY good was to change my little tracker dealie. Wow, 30 lbs gone. It feels weird! I'm going to try to step it up a notch by trying to eat more veggies, though. I'm really lacking in the vegetable department.

Hope everyone's having a good week <3
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Hi ladies,
I am enjoying this thread and having something to focus on besides food:-)
Since today is the first day of my calorie counting, I am being very good. So far I am at 1150 but I am a little worried because night time is here and the kids are going to bed soon. That's when the problem begins.
Well I didn't excercise like I wanted to but I did stay busy and ate good. Tomorrow is a new day. I probably won't post for a few days because I work 12 hour shifts for the next two days. So I will check in with you then.

Meanwhile chin up everyone, summer is coming and we want to look good.
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