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Talking Weekend Chat - May 6 and 7

Good Morning,

What a beautiful day outside whooooh

Whatcha all got planned for today. I have 0 plans and loving it.

In two weeks I'm throwing my DH a surprise 50th birthday party.... my innards are so nervous I feel like I'm gonna turn inside out! I have to do everything and boy am I scared....its that panic issue and control issue I have. UHHHHHH

Anyhooodles....... this coffee is gooooood
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Morning Leens..........I hear ya on the responsibility of a big do! Funny how these things always turn out.........are you doing a meal? Appitizers? Cake? Can you not ask the wives of the people attending to help you? Or friends of your husband to help with the decorating etc.

We are having a meeting at my home tonight to plan a 50th for my parents......trying getting 7 sibs to agree on a game plan. We have such a large family.......that just family alone is at least 40 people....hence my large gatherings several times a year.

Anyhow I got so much done yesterday......deep the yard cleaned up for the summer, furniture set up on the deck, basement tidied, kitchen, living room, dining room and one bathroom cleaned. This morning I have to to the family room and all the vacumming. After that it is a run to the grocery store for groceries and some fresh flowers.

I have decided when I get my house the way I want it I will hire someone to clean once a week. I am also looking for someone to come into my house 3-4 mornings a week starting in the fall to help get my kids off to school, do the morning tidy, prep supper and do one big job around the house.

There are also reno's that need to be done around the house. I am going to start with replacing all the lino with lino that looks like tile........plant some trees, and clean up the front garden.

K must run.........dd8 has a friend over and it looks like pancakes and bacon is on the order.

Must drag dd14 out of the sack she has lots to do before she leaves for her 4 night field trip.

Later gaters!

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Mornin' Everyone!

Leenie, sounds like you got some fun stuff today! Hope the B-day party goes well!!! By the way, your "Anywhoodles" cracked me up!!! That's great!!!

I got some cleaning done last night, not much, but today is another day to tackle it! *sigh* I hate house cleaning!

DH job is really stressing and frustrating him, which is not a good thing either. He works the night shift as an Asst. Manager at a Burger king, and his boss' expectations are RIDICULOUS, Last night he worked from 7:00 PM - 5:45 AM, at about 8:30 PM he had to send all his employees, except the cook home, because if he didn't his labour would be higher then 13%, which is now a "no no", then he got slammed, and had to do the work of 4 employees, plus his job!!! So this past week he's worked a total of "6 -11 hour days" which he's not getting paid NEARLY Enough for doing... As DH said, "I'm an Asst. Manager to myself, because that's the only employee that I can have on shift...just me and the cook!" So he's super duper frustrated! I hope tonight is better for him!
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Hey All,
Sorry I've been MIA.
I have an awful confession to make.

I've been binge eating and drinking for the past 2 weeks.

Put on 6 lbs.

I turned to food for comfort again...and this time I added getting drunk 4 times in the last week.
I was feeling so good about myself, so I decided to talk to my ex again, as friends. And things were great...we were so comfortable with I don't know why I'd go crazy at night and eat family pack donuts etc...
I guess when I saw him again I felt inadequate...I felt ugly because well, he's drop dead gorgeous.
Then my grandpa went into the hospital. I felt so helpless.

I don't know how to get back on track...with every attempt came a binge.

I'm SO sad right now. And the Wellbutrin isn't even helping, it seems.

Anyway, just reporting in...

I really really need your support, ladies. The only time I succeeded was when I visited this site daily...
but lately I've been feeling to ashamed to log in.
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good afternoon gang

I'm just flying by to say HI to everyone and wish you a good weekend.

I've been cleaning all day, working on fixing a laptop that crashed, dh is trying to find a rebuilt engine for his pickup truck $$$ AND one of the teeth that I has been worked on several times since the first of the year broke completely off at the gum! isn't that great! the dentist is gonna look at it on Monday but said they will probably need to send me to an oral surgeon, even if it is simply to remove it??? I could cry but I'm just too busy

Ok gotta run - I'll try to get back and read the posts.

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Crazy Woman From Wisconsin reporting in!

I have so many things to do that I don't know where to start and I have so many decisions to make I don't know where to start! We're almost done with cleaning the upstairs. I have to collect and sort a bunch of old blankets to take to a nearby no-kill pet shelter. The summer slothes need to be taken out and the winter ones stored. Monday, I start cleaning the kitchen cupboards and I should clean the backroom/storage area/pantry. The lloveseat and two recliners in the living room need to be cleaned too because they're gross.

Tomorrow I am playing hooky from church and mowing out hay field/lawn and I want to work a bit on the raspberry patch AND pick some rhubarb to make sauce and freeze it for winter. R loves it with toast and peanut butter (Ack!)

If I don't get back here soon, know that I'm thinking of everyone and very busy right now.
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Hey everyone,

I had a really good week. Got my painting done, and today everything is clean and tidy. I did get a migraine, but the imitrex is holding it off.

Peanut-You know I understand what you're feeling. The eating, drinking, I go through all that too. If the welbutrin isn't working, talk to your doctor. It can take time to find the right meds for you. In the meantime, you can email me when ever you want. I'm always here. I think I already gave you my addy, but if not, just send me a pm.

Above all, peanut, remember that your body is only a shell that houses the real you. And you are a beautiful, valuable person. I struggle with this, as my hubby is also gorgeous and in REALLY good shape. I just remind myself of all the overweight women I have admired and thought beautiful, because their true self shone through. You are not inferior to anyone. Everyone has flaws.

Well, my kids are at my sister's for a few hours so I can baby my migraine, so I think I'll go lie down for a bit.

Take care, everyone.

P.S. Peanut, did I tell you about Sweet Pea told me about it, and they have a really active chat room, always people in there. And everyone has some form of depression/mental illness. It has really helped me to talk to others who understand in real time. Give it a try.
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Good Morning and Happy SONDay

Liz, good for you for hiring someone, I think your gonna love it. There's nothing like coming home to a house thats in order. My house is a wreck 24/7and it seems like the only cleaning I do is topical, I can find the time on the weekend only to skim the surface but never really any deep cleaning if ya know what I mean. Perfecto idea !! As far as the food goes for the party, I'm having appetizers, then the meal, then cake and coffee, I rented a hall and have a DJ so it will be catered. I can't cook anything here b/c DH will see it. It makes me panic b/c its all in my hands, I have so much running to do in the next few weeks LOL. Besides the panic disorder I have that "CONTROL" thing where as I won't let anyone help b/c I'm always afraid they won't come thru for me (like they've done in the past) so I have the need to do it all myself. So I'll suffer thru it LOLOL.

Amanda, I'm sorry to hear about your Dh's job. Thats just aweful that they make him work like that. I hope he's thinking about looking for something else that will make him happier. BTW,I hate house cleaning too lol.

Pnut, I'm so sorry about your binging but girl, don't be embarassed, not here of all places. You know... I thought about what you said and what Marciet said about feeling beautiful with nice looking hubbies. Now how can I say this........ hmmmm........ Ok, Shame on the husbands for not making you feel beautiful. Its their job in a marrage to make you feel beautiful, and worthy...thats what a marrage is about, its about UPLIFTING the other, but unfortunatly for some reason men who don't do this must not feel good about themselves so they belittle or shame their wives (not all now). So the next time you look at that person, wonder to yourself just how much do they really like themselves. A person must love themselves first in order to project that love upon others. Marriage is a unity... two become one.

So Pnut that drop dead ex of yours sounds like he's not all that drop dead gorgous inside.. You on the other hand sound like a very beautiful person and you need to really look inside of yourself and see that. Beauty is not how perfect your teeth. Did you ever meet a person thats "average" looking but they are happy and smile alot? and you go WOW, that person is really nice looking (because of their attitude). I better stop because I'm going off track with this LOLOL!!!!! thats an adhd brain for yah. But you know what I mean. You are beautiful *hugs*

Marciet, how are you feeling today? just the thought of all that painting and cleaning gave me a headache LOL. I'm glad you had a great week. Watcha got planned for the coming week?

Cathy !!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth girl, my gosh. Don't cry I feel so bad for you b/c you've been having a rough time with them lately. Hang in there hon. Your new lap top crashed? that stinks. This week will be better, you'll see

Crazy Wisconsin Woman (aka Tippy) you do have an aweful lot of things to do... jeepers AND you just HAD to mention those raspberries didn' know I didn't forget... don't you usually make a tart or pie/cake with them...drool. Nothing much is happening here, sosdd. I need to take some pictures of missy to send to you. The old fart is almost 5 and acts like she's 25... she has to wear certain clothes, hair a certain way... OY VEY!!! at 5???
How are your grandkids and lisa? Does R like being home?

Well girlies...nothing much happening here. I gotta cook some stuff for this week's dinners, dh wants chicken salad, we'll have hotdogs one night so thats easy and I might make a noodle salad. Its so much easier coming home after work having the stuff premade so we don't just stuff any ol thing in our pie holes.

Two weeks until DH's 50th birthday party, do you think I can drop 60 lbs by then HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! (that one was for you Tippy).

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Well, all the painting DID give me a headache. This is my second day with a migraine. Luckily, the imitrex holds it off.

Not much planned this week. Homeschooling, a book report lunch with the kids tomorrow. My sons are going fishing with my dad, so that my daughter and I can go shopping. And I decided I don't have to wait to be thin to buy myself some pretty and sexy clothes. Anyone watch American Idol? Mandisa is a big girl, but she's so sexy and beautiful, and she dresses it. I want to be that way.

Leenie, your comments about goodlooking partners are right on. My hubby loves to grab my double chin, even though he knows I hate it. And when I eat, he sometimes makes cow chewing noises.

Not sure what will happen when he gets home. He's already making plans to go to California with his air force friends nest month. Hmmm. Interesting.

I hope your party goes really well.

Cathy-Yikes on the tooth. I hate dentists, but they are a necessary evil.

Liz, How great that you can have someone come in to clean.

As for house cleaning, it never ends, does it? I have a stack of laundry waiting to be folded, and another mountain waiting to be washed. Well, it is just going to have to wait another day. My head hurts. So there. The good news is that with this new med, I am feeling so much better, my house hasn't been getting to the point where I feel like I need a backhoe to shovel it out! Also, my concentration seems to be better. I'm actually able to read and respond to the posts here!

Peanut-Don't give up, hon. We all have setbacks. It's not gonna keep you down! Let us know how you're doing.

Have a great day, everyone!!
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(((((Peanut))))) Here is a great ol big hug... I know how you feel darlin'. Keep posting
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Marciet, I'm so sorry your DH does that to you... shame on him. Does he think he's funny? Doesn't he realize your not one of the guys (military ones) and should not be treated as one, your his life's partner, not a target. I'd ask him if making fun of you makes him feel like a big man (that'll stop him in his tracks)? I feel sorry for him because he doesn't know what a great looking, caring and loving person you really are..... wish he'd wake up. Sorry but that really upsets me your to sweet.

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