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Talking Friday Chat - January 13th BOO!

Good Morning,

Happy FrIdAy ThE 13tH

Whats shakin everyone, got any good plans for the weekend?
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crazy busy BBL!
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Good afternoon everyone

Wow everyone is so busy, remember to take time for yourselves.

Well I got my fridge cleaned out, terribly overdue. The dog is going to get one heck of a good dinner tonight! Also got the kitchen counters cleared and scrubbed. Makes me feel better to be able to see them. I still want to hit the dreaded "plastics" cupboard. Its such a mess I can't find what I need and those silly used food containers seem to multiply so that I can't find my tupperware. So glad these are my major issues for today. Life must be going fine!

It snowed a fair amount last night. Quite a few problems for those who had to drive this morning, even a couple of the school buses got stuck (we have a scanner) Our driveway still needs to get cleared out. Since its dripping I think the snowblower will have to come out.

Anyway hope everyone has a great day and take care of yourselves,
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Hi, I'm new to this site. Can anyone tell me how you got those cute little meters with your weight and goals? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Everyone...... well my Friday the 13th started out like almost every day for me - I slept in. I wish that I could get out of bed when I am supposed to then maybe my son would get to school on time and I would get to work on time!

Weekend plans --- cleaning house . That is one of those necessary evils for me. When my house is clean my son either asks me if we are getting company or tells me that the house just doesn't seem cozy!

I think that I may try and squeeze in a haircut and manicure this weekend --- need to pamper myself every once in awhile and it is about time.

On a different topic entirely --- not only is it Friday the 13th today but tomorrow is a Full Moon

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
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