Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Exercise definitely does help...been exercising consistently for the past 2 weeks (in addition to walking regularily) & feel a lot better. Exercising-particularily cardio, releases endorphins (the all natural, pain relieving, feel-good hormone) that stay with you even after exercising. & helps to keep you on track with eating properly ie. do I really want chips after I worked out so hard

Keep on keeping on ladies!
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Originally Posted by sherbar1 View Post
I am battling depression and tying to come off my medication as my personal trainer thinks that is what is holding my weight loss back....anyone else had this problem..????
...I`m concerned ... shouldn`t your doctor (& not your trainer) be the one to determine & monitor whether you go off your meds...
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Default Depression and Weight Issues

I m agree that weight has a big impact on our mood . It's really important to be in shape & energetic. Exercise is really helpful to be in proper shape * boost your energy as well as it doesn't let negative thought to disturb you.
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I suffer from depression.....and exercising definitely makes me feel better. There is such a drastic difference in my mood on the days I make it to the gym vs. the days I don't.
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Exercise is what keeps me sane! Seriously, when I am exercising regularly I feel sooooo good and my eating is usually very good. When I don't, I tend to get very depressed, like a bad funk. I choose exercise, being healthy and feeling good!
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Hey, guys. This is my first post here, so I'll try to be brief.
i had an episode of depression a couple years ago and got treated with psychotherapy+mild medication. It helped, i got better within a few months, but not THAT better.
For the past few months I've been seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist and she prescribed walking everyday as a part of my treatment. This stuff is magical. Besides, there's the weight loss benefit, both from burning calories and from feeling less anxious/bored/overwhelmed.

Congrats all of you guys with the weight loss meters going further to reach your goals!
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I just joined here and started reading this thread - there is a lot of good information on here - I too suffer from depression but have been battling it -

This year I am determined to get my weight down and get in shape. I will be interested in seeing if my depression gets better as I start working out at the gym....
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My personal understanding of the benefits of exercise tell me that it's likely to help prevent depression, and like the article suggests, every bit as helpful as antidepressants for treating it.

I just started exercise regularly and it's doing a lot to counter the winter blues. I find it hard to feel down after exerting myself and feeling strong and tough. I love the feeling of getting stronger and having more energy !
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Originally Posted by sherbar1 View Post
I am battling depression and tying to come off my medication as my personal trainer thinks that is what is holding my weight loss back....anyone else had this problem..????
I agree whole-heartedly with the previous poster. Your personal trainer is NOT the one to prescribe your meds. It would be good to talk to your doctor. He/She (if they AGREE with your personal trainer's diagnosis) may be able to put you on a different or additional medication.
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Default How to begin exercise?

This is what I did. I got two friends to join me at a set time in th morning once a week. We all had to drive to a neutral spot.. a beautiful walk, but not too far away from any of us. This meant we we " obliged" not to let the team down...we had to get up and walk. Yes just a walk...after a year we were wlking 3 times a week, and looking forward to it. Tough to begin with though!
Give it a try for me
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I use my exercise ball and mini trampoline, and elipitcal machine and stepper. I need to use them all a lot more I need to get motivated -the other problem is that the exercise equipment is in a room that has no A/c so in the heat of the summer you don't even want to go in there much less exercise. I know that I could like move the ball into my bedroom and use fans its just a matter of getting over my depression and doing it.
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I think excercising with friends is a great way to stay motivated (the whole "not letting down the team" mentality). I just don't have anyone near enough to me, and sometimes it is SO hard to get motivated on my own. I have a problem finding time at night, and I am SOOOO NOT a morning person. I need to make a real effort to get up in the morning and walk.
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Originally Posted by butterflyangels View Post
I was thinking of only going to the gym 4-5 days a week, but I'm thinking now I'm gonna have to go every day.
Dude, I know what you mean. On days I go to the gym I feel like I've accomplished something, and it's nice to feel accomplished every day!
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Default depression and exercise

I was researching specifically how is it that exercise affects the brain & emotional health.

What I found is that the increase in blood flow increases the circulation in the brain which has been shown to affect moods. Studies show that in response to exercise, cerebral blood vessels can grow.

I have also noticed a huge improvement in mood now that I eat no wheat, dairy, or soy oil. Soy oil makes me cranky the next day. It is in nearly everything processed, all fast food.

I can vouch for exercise being more effective than any 'messmeup' meds.
I was diagnosed as a bi-polar with several other issues. I tried many different meds, [ all the popular ones out there now] and none of them helped , made me worse, gave me new issues, or made me gain 10 lbs a week in water!

I weaned my self of meds slowly and have over 2 years seen regular exercise completely change my outlook. Plus it helps to be in healthy relationships all around. Getting away from cruel people helped for sure!

I'm not telling others to quite their meds cold turkey, some med's can kill you from quitting cold turkey or you could get worse that way. I did it on my own slowly & was fortunate. Two of my long time friends CANNOT go off their med's without going off the deep end. I'm just sharing my experience. I am not a doctor, just someone with years of firsthand knowledge and research who wanted to share.

Thanks, R

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Red face Exercize and depression

Monday and Today
i did the stairs in my apartment complex
i live on the 4th floor

44 stairs to the basement

monday i did this 10 times so double that up and down
today i did it 8 times again double that up and down

tonight after wor i will be going to the gym for another work out

i live in calgary alberta canada
very close to The Rockies and lots of summer time hiking
so i am getting into shape this way

Not to bad for a beginner
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