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Default Wednesday Chat - Sept 29th

Good Morning,

I just finished reading up on yesterday's posts... I hate a day to go by with out reading on how everyone is doing.

Today the sun is supposed to show itself YEAH!!! we had wicked rains yesterday and lots of flooding, but thank God, this time DH's shop did not flood. The waters came to his door and stopped pheeeeeeeew!

We were going to cook on the grill last night but it was impossible b/c the rain was to hard. So I had all prepared the night before some delicious Jersey corn on the cob. I had them in individual foil and a tad of butter. Well since we couldn't use the grill my only other option was to cook them in the oven I've never cooked corn in the oven, first time. Girls, it came out wonderful, we took a bite and looked at each other like OMG! The tilapia fish came out great too.

Okay can you tell I'm hungry this morning LOL!!!!


Tippy where ya at?
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Default Goooooooooooooood Morning Gals!

Hi Gals,
How are you all? It is cool in Ky. and I am loving it! Great for walking outdoors.I slept late this morning.................and then walked 45 minutes.

I have a funeral to attend and many errands to run but will pop in later to catch up!

By the of yesterday I have lost almost 8 pounds and since starting on the Core Plan Aug 16th! I have not been "perfect"on it either but have continued on it and really like it! I am much more satisfied..probably because I am including the 3 milks daily and 5 fruits and veggies almost daily. I am less hungry and seldom crave junkie type food!

I have met so many insurance deductables I am contemplating surgery to correct my other index finger before the year is out.I dread the thought of 77 days in a splint.................but at least this is on my left hand.The insurance would have to pay 100%.....I have spent $3,000. out of my pocket this year on this stomach thing! So.can you blame me for wanting this out of the way? much for catching up I did catch you all up!

Have a great day! made me hungry!

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Hello everyone~

Well what can I are off to my coffee.....gotta do some homework today....first assignment due Oct 8th....I have had a headache every morning for days and days......I wonder if I have a sinus infection.....I think part of the problem is the food I am eating......way too much sugar....speaking of brownies....hubby bought one bites many one bites can one bite? No I didn't eat more than 3 or 4 but still.....not needed!

Anyhow still gonna slug away...just like everyone else....thanks for posting your pics great!

Be well everyone!

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Good morning

Wow I am actually posting in the morning.

CIN: You got to sleep in and already posted by 9:00. I am impressed! I myself tend to be a night person.
I am happy to hear you are doing well on the Core Plan.

I myself decided within three days that I do not like the South Beach Diet, and most certainly could not do it the rest of my life. My sister and I are trying to do this together. She (my sis) recommended WW. So I am starting anew today!! Oh well that is all that is going on here.

Bye bye
Tiffanie (tmk)
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Default Tmk

Have to clock on the computer is off..I did get up at 7:45 which is late for me..................returned from walk around 9:30 a.m.

I am a WW needless to say I am a bit "biased " about the plan

The Flex Plan is the #1 plan members choose.................they have really shied away from the Core.I went on it to learn it for members and am loving it for a change...still love Flex too! So GO FOR IT!

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Good Morning Gang!

Leenie - your corn on the cob sounds yummy! I've never cooked it wrapped in foil in the oven long did you have to cook it in the oven. did you cook it at 350 degrees? ya know me ... I'm always curious!

Wow Cin - congrats on the 8 lb loss! that's awesome! The Core Plan sounds good to me. Surely it is encouraging to your members to hear how well you are doing and they will be more apt to check it out. Sounds like a good deal to get your other surgery done since your deductible has been met. when would you do it?

Liz - everybody around here is having terrible problems with their allergies. My youngest ds is really have a time right now. We don't usually have problems this time of the year, but something is in the air I guess. Hope you feel better!

Tiffanie - ww is a great program! are ya'll doing it at home, on your own, or going to meetings?

I've still been doing some reading on health and diet for low thyroid problems and found out that asparatame (which is in diet coke) and most artificial sweetners (sweet n low and EVEN splenda) are not good with a low thyroid problem and should be used very sparingly. Well I have one cf diet coke every day, and then I use splenda all day long (bec I thought it was suppose to be closer to real sugar and was better then the other artificial sweetners - NOT) so anyway, today is day 3 for me with no splenda, no aspartame, no artificial sweetners of any kind. It hasn't been too bad. Thought I would really miss my diet coke but it's been ok and I've been drinking even more water.

Next week will be a little challenging bec I'm sure my mom will pack 2 cases of diet cokes for our trip. She drinks them from the minute she wakes up until she goes to bed at night. She only sleeps a few hours at night, so that is a LOT of diet coke. yikes! and yes I've shared the info with her, she also has thyroid problems, but I don't think that I'll be teaching that "ole dog" any new tricks any time soon. :sad:

hope everybody has a good day.

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Smile Good day ladies

Leenie: I've never tried corn in the oven, but I'm sure it was delicious Sorry about the rain it must have been the leftovers of Jeanne.

Liz: Sounds like you do have a sinus infection. This is a bad time of year, with the ragweed pollen. When I lived up north (Maine), my allergies were always bad at this time of year. Hope you're feeling better soon.

CIN: WTG on your loss Glad the core program is working for you. I know what you mean about medical expenses-ours are piling up big time!

Cathy: I have a low thyroid too, and I've been staying away from Diet Coke (maybe 1 small glass a day) and artificial sweetner. I hadn't heard about a connection between artificial sweetners and thyroid probs. Thanks for passing on the word

Tiffanie: You've got to do what works best for you. A friend of mine lost a bunch of weight on South Beach, but he ended up gaining most of it back. WW is a much more flexible program.

Have a great day everyone!
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Hello Ladies…

It’s been cold here the past few days. Had some marine layer come in and kept things cool…

I’m managing to keep up with homework and work. I know it’s only been like a week since school started, but I’m feeling so over whelmed right now. I have so much to do, and then I have to do things for home and work and just for myself…

This Genders class is really turning out to be male bashing 101 hehehe.

They are pulling my student out of that ****-ish science class, I can’t wait. It’s so frustrating trying to keep him on top of things while I’ve gotta run around the class to gain some control. The Instructor… is just as frustrated as I am.

I feel bad, because once they pull my student out and relocate him, I get relocated with him as well.

I weighed myself last night… which I know is not a good thing to do because you’ve already ate and gained water and what not… eeesh, I won’t mention anything LOL but I’m throwing myself back on the wagon.

I need my motivation back… I lost it for school, I hope I haven’t lost it for getting myself back on program.

I’m gonna prep myself this week… sounds strange… but it usually takes a few days for me to get back into the swing of things… this way I can start keeping up my food journal come Sunday Morning and start off a fresh week.

I’m wiped out. Basically I spend Monday – Thursday 8am to 6pm at either work or school and then I come home, try to remember to check my email, and then work the rest of the night off by doing homework.

I’m so like, lost at home… because I don’t cook anymore. I rely on James. It’s nice to have dinner waiting for me when I get home from school… but sometimes the stuff he makes… eesh… he should come on here and get some recipes LOL!

He made steak tonight. I used to hate steak, til I met him… but see, when I cook steak for him, I at slice some thin strips and eat it with Kimchee and rice. But I didn’t have my kimchee hehehe they stop selling it at my grocery store, so I’m gonna have to make a trip down to the Asian market to get some.

Okie… Leenie! You got my talking food LOL now I’m hungry!

Heheheh okie ladies, I gonna go see what James is making for dinner…I’ll catch you all later.

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