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Default Monday for sure

How many times do we sabotage our diets only to say Monday for sure? Why is it that a supposed new lifestyle has to start on Monday or the first of the month or the beginning of the year? I'd like to have enough strength to get back on the wagon the same day i fall off. I am glad i found this website when i did because i think i can get the encouragement i need from fellow visitors to get healthy and stay healthy. Now that I've learned how to post, i will do so more often. I am 25 yrs old and have been battling the bulge for about 10 years, i've never been satisfied with my weight, but it wasn't unitl i moved to California at 17 that I became completely obsessed. At 18 I did a low fat/low calorie and dropped about 25 pounds which put me at 220. Within 3 yrs I was back up to 235. Then around 22 I started a low carb diet which took me all the way down to 180, the lightest i'd been since my early teens. Now 3 yrs later I'm back to 225, and not happy about it. I exercise at least three times a week at the gym on base where I work, and have done so steadily for the last 6 mos but haven't lost a pound. Doc says i'm gaining muscle as he says my thyroid is good, blood pressure and cholesterol excellent. Good health is important to me, but even more so is a good self image, because with out that I will forever remain insekur. This is my opening post to share a little about myself, i will reveal more of the splendor that is me later.
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insekur - For me personally, the "monday" thing was just a way of justifying my actions today. I would say "it's ok if I have this entire carton of ice cream today, because on monday I am going on a diet." LOL it made sense in my own deluded mind.
Congratulations on the willpower to going to the gym. (I wish I have that much willpower!!) You did not mention anything about your eating habits, though. Perhaps if your doctor says that there are no other medical problems then you are consuming as many calories as you burn, therefore not losing any weight. I would suggest going to because there you can track your eating and it will tell you how many calories you burn vs. how many you eat. Maybe since you were so successful on the low carb diet before that's what you should start with. Please continue to consult with your doctor while you're dieting. They obviously know more about your personal needs than I do

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Welcome Insekur

Good for you for recognizing a falt and trying to correct it. I agree with you, the Monday thing is just an excuse to pig out a few extra days. I think people originally had in mind, a new start, a new beginning should begin on the first / new day of the week. But you and I know thats not the case anymore lol.

Being healthy is the most important thing anyone can do for themselves, but even healthy and over weight will eventually catch up to you. The over weight part that is.

I think that slow changes in your habits are the best and longer lasting.

Good Luck with your new plan, what ever it is you choose and your right, this is an awesome place to get support, the people here are more than friends, they become family because they truly care.

Hugs !!!
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