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Talking Tuesday, September 21st Chat

Good Morning

Welcome to the boards tmk620

Nothing much going on today, same old dodo.

The weather is just beautiful, cool and crisp. Took DD to dance last night and boy was she ever cranky. I figure its either her teeth coming in (nope she hasn't gotten her back teeth yet) or its her alergies. She participated in 1/2 the class, the rest she clung on me and whinned LOL.

Tippy glad you have water peeeeeeeew! I can smell ya from here ^^

Cin, Good luck in Texas tomorrow, when ya comming back?

Lynnie, I sware I saw that same show on the food network where the lady made her son's favorite cake, the coconut one, I was drooling myself. Let me know how it is.

April, SueMarie, Cathy, Judo, Joanne, and the rest of the chickies
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Default Still kicking

Morning everyone!

Got off my little strech of nights yesterday morning....slept most of the day and walked around in a blurr most of the evening.

I took dd6 for a nice walk in the leaves last night and she played at the park....she always manages to find a friend. She has swimming (45 mins) olympian lengths today at 6 pm.....then a quick snack and to rhythmic gymnastics for 45 she should be good and tired when she falls into bed tonight. I will be at the school council meeting and her father will be batheing her and tucking her in. She hits the wall by friday as grade 1 takes a lot out of these kids.... but she does great at the start of the week.

My other daughter couldn't cope with activities in the evening at all......they are all wired so differently.

Dh is coaching dd12's basketball this year so that means no downhill skiing on saturday mornings.....too bad we have to is impossible to fit it all in!

Anyhow today I am taking my lovely (yet a little neurotic) aunt out for her birthday lunch. She is the sweetest thing you ever met. I've invited my mother as between the two of them there will be a fair bit said.

The leaves are falling and it is a beautiful day.

Tonight is the finale of Big Brother and The Amazing Race......take note people the amazing race is finishing up 3 hours from where I live. Note the beauty!

Have a good one everyone! Gotta go hang with the kids before they head off for another day!

Be well!


HI Leens How old is gracie now? I found my oldest dd was always like that around her 1/2 birthday....growing up takes alot out of these tikes!
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Hey Liz - those are cute! thanks for sharing them!
Hope you have a nice lunch with your mom and aunt!
sounds like it certainly won't be dull.

Hey Leenie - sounds like some really nice weather up there today! hope things are quieter at work for you!

Welcome TMK - just jump in and tell us about yourself.

Tippy - are you still in the shower enjoying your water?

Cin - how many meetings today? how is everybody like the new Core Plan? I'm sure there are lots of questions huh.

Lynnie - it's so good to see you on the food log! you are doing great!

April - how's your coffee this morning?

SueMarie - you got on some new clothes today?

Kemp - where ya at girlie? we miss ya!

LindaT & Sweetpea - I wish ya'll would surprise us with a post and let us know what ya'll are up to! we miss yall!

hope everybody has a good day!

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Good morning everyone......just got out of bed.....about 15 minutes ago......Charlie went yip.....he usually waits for us to get is raining out today.

Liz.....that is so true & cute about nurses......I remember when I used to a the nursery & the childrens ward.....for 27 years......especially the part about being awake for 24 hour......when I did the 12 hour night shifts.

Hi Leenie & Cathy.....I hear DH grinding the coffee beans I should go.

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Default Hiya ladies

Welcome to the board tkm620!!

Thanks Cathy I am trying my hardest.

Today I feel alittle sluggish.Dh just left to go grocery store to get the ingredients for my cake and so he can make homemade spaghetti sauce YUMMMMMMM Leenie I will most definately let you know how that cake is.

I got up this morning at 7 to watch Good Morning America.There is something special coming on it that I really want to see.There was a girl I know from another board in Colorado.She passed away during Labor Day weekend from alcohol poisoning.She was only 19 years old a great student and very talented artist.I was going to send her a picture of my goddaughters for herto draw as a gift to my best friend for Christmas.Well her parents are going to be Good Morning America sometime this week.I want to see it because her death as well as her life touched me in profound way.She was very much loved on the board I go too.Her parents are going to have some of her sketched made into prints so they can be purchased.I plan to buy one as soon as they let us know their site is up.

Edited to add: I just talked to my mom a bit ago.I found out that my grandmother (my dads mom) is in a coma and in a very vegetative state.So they will probably take her off life support and let her go peacefully.
This is the only other grandmother that I would consider because she is the one of two who didn't molest me.My other grandmother (poppop's second wife) died back in October of 2002.She was good to me also.


Last edited by lynnie24; 09-21-2004 at 07:24 PM. Reason: wanted to add news I just received
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Default Heading to Texas!

Good Night Gals
I will pop in from Texas on my sister in laws computer! (if I can)
I will be gone several days.........packing now!

I will miss you all!

PS Not many questions aboput Core Plan cause very very very few are doing the Core plan. I am very surprised!
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Hi girls, just popping in to say good night.

Lynnie so sorry to hear about your friend AND your grandma.

to you all
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Hello all.

Thank you for all the warm welcome!

Lynnie I am very sorry to hear about your loved ones!!
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