Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Can losing weight help with depression?

I have heard that losing weight can boost confidence and also depression, is that true? or is it the change in diet that helps decrease depression?

does losing actual fat contribute to more happiness.
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Your question has been asked in research labs. It does depend on the individual and how much their brain ties food/fat to reward circuitry. Here is an example article for research in the field

However, I also found (anecdote ahead) that weight loss can contribute to episodic depression as I struggled dealing with the way I felt others perceived me. I had to mesh my own achievements, perceived differences in the way people interacted with me, and my own outward behavior. I was bothered by how different people were treating me without accounting for changes in my own projected confidence. It took a while to just be comfortable with my new normal.
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Originally Posted by jonjones229 View Post
I have heard that losing weight can boost confidence and also depression, is that true? or is it the change in diet that helps decrease depression?

does losing actual fat contribute to more happiness.
Yep, there's lots of research on the matter of diet and depression. At a physiological level, less sugar usually means less depression. People might get a sugar high, but after they come down, they really come down.

I mean, for each individual, depression can either be situational (divorce, death), physiological (hormone imbalance or lousy serotonin receptors) or even a side effect from certain drugs! So it's difficult to say if a healthy diet can improve each individual's depression. Because there are so many different forms and causes of depression.

But I think it's safe to say if you're eating lots of vegetables and protein, instead of chips, chocolate and slurpees ... your mood is going to be much more stable than someone who's constantly going up and down from sugar highs and crashes.

Feeling good after losing weight is short lived. I think the better antidote to permanent stable mood is healthy diet.
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Default Enjoy the Ride

Yeah man, weight can definitely be one of those things lead to depression,

but there is no need to feel bad about your body, it is all in your mind, you can turn this to a positive experience, ask yourself what do you want and then engage yourself to a some program that lets you achieve your goal, if its gym so be it-- but here is the catch, do not put pressure on yourself, take your time to enjoy it, take is as your feel good session, do not expect immediate results, it will take time but enjoy the ride as you get to your goal.
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It seems very correlated to me. One might get depressed about being very overweight ( like 75+ lbs) then feel a lot better if they lose a nice chunk of that like 20-40 lbs, then maybe get a bit down again if they hit a plateau and can't seem to lose anymore. I say claim it as a victory on your personal little war against the unwanted flab. The worst thing is potentially gaining it back and maybe even a few more lbs ! Do it slowly, much better chance of success that way !

At some point you might even have to accept that you are unlikely to be able maimtain the weight you had age 21, when you hit 40 and accept some compromise between your peak weight and what you weighed when much younger. If you are a an average height female that once weighed 130, and got up to 220, then if you can get to say 170 in middle age and maintain that, you pretty average and accept that you are 50 lbs lighter than you were and be happy about that !, instead of dwelling on being 40 lbs heavier than you were 25 years ago ! attitude helps a lot. Most everyone of your HS girlfriends is in the same spot as you, or even worse !
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