Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Introducing myself and a ?

Hi! My name is Carole and I'm fairly new to the 3FC boards, but certainly not new to either depression or weight loss efforts. I live in (not so) Sunny Florida. I am 34 years-old, married for nearly 9 years to the most wonderful man and we have a 7 year-old daughter. I am a stay-at-home mom and we homeschool.

I've suffered from depression since I was in my late teens, but it wasn't until my early 30's that I started to so something about it.

I just hit rock bottom as far as my weight goes. I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 300.0 pounds.

I have decided to start taking Tae Kwon Do, after my daughter's TKD school's owner and a good friend of mine has been pursuing me relentlessly for months. I even found a place on-line that sells gis (martial arts uniforms) in really large sizes.

I've noticed though that even with my Zoloft motivation is hard to come by.

I was wondering if anyone else who suffers from depression finds that plateaus and days where you don't eat as well as you ought are tiggers for depression which saps your remaining desire to get back on track?

I find myself getting much more discouraged than others I know who are trying to lose weight and I just sort of wonder if it may be related to my depression or if I'm just that lazy.
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Hi Carole and welcome to the boards !!!!

To answer your question about being depressed or just lazy? I can only answer for myself. I know that the heavier I got/get the less I can do. I don't think we are lazy, its just that the body can't do as much. Its a vicious cycle. the more depressed you get, the more you gain, the more you gain, the more depressed you get and the more tired the body becomes making you more depressed....

I can almost bet that after you lose a few pounds and start exercising your gonna feel more energy to do stuff and this in term will help w/the depression. Of course you know there will be up and down days. Just hang in there b/c they will pass.

I am following atkins and I've only lost a few pounds so far but I can tell you I am much more energenic then before.

BYT, what you are feeling to me, is quite normal.

Hugs and kisses to you. Hope to see you on the daily thread, thats where we all chat every day.

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Hi Carole,

I just wanted to say hi! I hope you'll join us on the daily threads!

I completely agree with what Leens has said and it is a vicious cycle exactly like she said! Just take it one day at a time and do what you can do, and I'm sure that the more that you do you will feel like doing more.

I wish you all the best! and CONGRATS to you for homeschooling your daughter! What a great thing to do!

Hope to see you on the daily boards!

take care,
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Agrees with Leens and Cathy.But when u start losing the weight; you will feel much better and more energetic...

Btw welcome to the board...
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Hi Carole

I agree with what was said before.....I used to think...that once I wasn't depressed....then everything would be fine....I would have lots of motivation & lose all this weight.

I now is a visious cycle....there are days I don't feel like doing anything about trying to lose weight.....some days I just don't want to weigh & measure another food......then there are days when I do very well with this struggle....I just take one day at a time.....that is all we can do.

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