Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Does mental health do this

Hey everyone so here's my journey . I was one day sitting in the hospital with very high blood pressure and blood sugar of 17. That made me change my life around. I started a keto diet . But doing keto I felt I only ate bacon and beef and eggs. Not really any veggies of fruit and barley water. I I lost 56lbs in a month and a half. I started devolping panic attacks which led to many hospital and doctor visits. So I made a trip to the doctors and which I was prescribed to 10mg Lexapro and 2mg lorazepam. 3 days on these meds I started to devolp unwanted thoughts such as self harm or harming others. So after seeing a psychiatrist he took me off them. It's been 3 weeks off these and I still get some thoughts but I've improved a little . So with a final visit to my doctor he said because I was on Lexapro for 7 days and lorazepam for 10 these effects should be out of my system by now. So he said your going to have these thoughts because the transformation your body is going through. I started a nutritionist diet with help from a nutritionist. I was 566lbs and down to 492. Is this something people go threw specially with all the changes ??
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I also choose a keto type diet. I've lost 90 lbs over the past year and a half. I think it's important to not shun all fruits and vegetables. There are low sugar fruits (bell peppers, tomato, cucumber, olives) and there are TONS of low sugar vegetables.

Weight loss does affect hormones, and so I think it's reasonable to expect it could affect mood both positively and negatively. I think if you're seeing huge negative swings, something needs to change. Perhaps slow down the weight loss, supplement strategically, add back in keto-friendly fruits and vegetables. Journaling, walking, yoga, pets, etc. can all help with mood.

Check out Trudy Scott's blog, she does a lot of articles on GABA in particular.
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The low carb diet that makes the most sense to me for the long term is eating 75% vegetables and the rest no-carb meat and healthy fats. I like the work of Dr. Mark Hyman-- he has lots of books (I found them at the library) if you're interested. One of his books is about how to use a low-carb, nutrient rich diet for treating mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

What I know about it is that you need micronutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids to do well mentally. You need a lot of them because our bodies to not make them-- we have to eat them to get them! There are specific foods to get these things from, and so it's important to learn about your diet and whether you are really nourishing your body (as well as burning fat).

Best of luck to you. I do not think taking anxiety meds is a good idea. Most of them are highly addictive and will just leave you in withdrawal later on, as well as dealing with your original anxiety.
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