Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question Has anyone gained weight on Ativan for anxiety and sleep at night?

I was already overweight but not sure what the ativan really does besides help me sleep at night.

I know I have a **** of a time sleeping at night w/o ativan.

I dont want to be addicted to it but I cant stand a night w/o a good rest either.

I am trying very hard to drop 2 dress sizes and only have so much time at night to take a daily walk.

Actually I walk at most 4x per week after dinner.

I work 2 jobs so dont have time for any other form of exercise.

As a result of this I have also lost my passion for food. I dread thinking I need to have a meal or risk feeling dizzy or weak. I dont like to eat but try and have 3 meals a day.

My lightest meal is usually lunch, I drink a protein smoothy.

At breakfast I usually have an oatmeal, banana,ice and milf smoothy and 1/2 bagel w/ peanut butter on it.

Dinner is the only meal where I may have a salad mixed w/ some noodles or a light and healthy tv dinner. But my dinner meal makes me most anxious as I worry about the fat and calories in my last meal of the day.

Thus on night when I am working my 2nd job, eves 6-9 or so... I usually drink a 2nd protein smoothy and tons of water.

I snack on something when I get home like a yogurt or nacho chips and then watch after bubble bath at night to wind down and sleep so I may awaken to rush off to my 1st job from 8-4.
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