Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Jennifer :)
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Unhappy I used to be a bulimic... or I still am. Someone help me.


My name is Jeny and I used to be a bulimic. For years and yeas I have fight with this illness and I was pretty ok.
The last months have been awful and I am really depressed. I am eating well and exercising but I still don't lose any weight.
The comments people do about my body haven been affecting me a lot since some last june... By mistake I saw a message in my bf's phone when he was showing me something. He told this girl that I am not hot compared to the other girls on my country.
He apologized and said it was a joke, and that he only wanted to bother her and that he didn't want her to say I am not pretty.
After that I have been feeling so bad, ugly and fat. I keep day dreaming of the time when I was lean (and bulimic) and I really want to go back there.
I am confused and sad. Everyone keeps asking me why am I not like my mother (she is lean and beautiful, everyone thinks she is not over 30. I am 22) and I feel so down and disgusting. I keep crying all days.
Does anyone else has gone through the same?
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I am a recovered Anorexic and Bulimic, have been recovered for just about 12 years now after battling an eating disorder for 11 years.
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First of all, dump the boyfriend. There is no excuse for what he has said behind your back.
You are beautiful, no matter what your weight or how others view you. For women, it is extremely hard to lose weight because our bodies naturally want to keep the fat, as evolution has taught our genes that fat is good for healthy babies. Keep going like you are going, and try to block out what others are saying about you. They don't matter. In five years, you won't even remember their names.

Good luck and please don't go back to being bulimic. It does more damage to your body than you realize. It's not worth being unhealthy and skinny. Remember, you didn't gain the weight in a day, so you won't lose it in a day.

If you need to, go talk to a doctor about getting on anti depressants or help with losing weight.
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Sweetie, you need to get rid of your boyfriend. He had no right to say that behind your back. And for the record, he definitely thinks you're beautiful. If he had a problem with your looks, he wouldn't have gone out with you in the first place. But that doesn't justify going behind your back and saying stuff like that. Stay strong. Please talk to a doctor or a counsellor. Don't give up on your physical and emotional well-being.

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oh dont be so affected by what others say, what you should do is to try to focus on something else , nowadays we have a lot of things to do , you are beautiful.. me im chubby but cute🥰🙂
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Thats how i am. I dont give a damn what nobody got to say. I stay depressed and cant figure out why. People gon always try to bring you down so thats irrelevant to me. I dont focus on them. But ive never been happy in my life except when i was alone truck driving.
Originally Posted by ayerp View Post
oh dont be so affected by what others say, what you should do is to try to focus on something else , nowadays we have a lot of things to do , you are beautiful.. me im chubby but cute🥰🙂
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Keep your head high and walk your path! Do not pay attention to other people's comments unless they are constructive and really trying to help. Keep exercising and eating healthy results will come I promise!
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