Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Depression/PTSD/BPD


While I was in the Military, I was driving and my son and I were in a rollover car accident that killed him. Since then I have been diagnosed with Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder.
I used to be GREAT at maintaining my weight, and the Military required me to be in good shape, and it has been a year since I separated from the military and I want to get back to my goal weight where I was happy and could wear cute clothes.

I am so glad there is a forum section for this! The depression, loneliness and grief causes me to binge on sweets. It is horrible. What do you guys do to stay motivated?
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Bless your heart . . . and thank you for your service.

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Hi GrievingMommy, You might find guided meditation helpful. Someone mentioned it in another forum. I'm trying it and it seems to help. This is the website mentioned, Health Journeys. You can click to listen to samples. I like the ones by Belleruth Naperstek, especially the one on Trauma.

Sending good wishes your way.
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Grieving Mommy, my heart is with you. I am terribly sorry for all you have been through.

It doesn't resonate with everyone, but you might consider trying EMDR with a certified therapist. Even the U.S. military, with their very conservative standards for what works in the healing of PTSD, acknowledges that EMDR can be effective. I read founder Francine Shapiro's book first to get a foundational understanding of the process.

Even more "your mileage may vary" than EMDR, you might consider TRE, Dr. David Berceli's Trauma and Tension Relieving Exercises. Even if this doesn't work for you as a treatment modality, it's a nice lower-body workout. I have even heard there are yoga versions of TRE being developed, as the movements are similar to "leg openers" in yoga.

If you are into podcasts, I recommend Changing Direction (and her former radio show Your Life After Trauma) with Michele Rosenthal. She is a post-trauma coach and author of two books on PTSD.

I second mars735's recommendation for guided imagery. I don't fall asleep at night without Belleruth in my ear.

It is my belief for myself, and perhaps also in your case too, that the reprogramming of the amygdala and associated neurostructures, and the release of the trauma stored in the body has to happen first, and then the weight, which for me has been a maladaptive coping mechanism, will be ready to change.

In the meantime, hang in there. Many gentle hugs to you.
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Hey grieving mommy, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry and I wish I could give you a real hug, but here is a virtual hug. *HUGS*
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I am so sorry for your terrible loss. It makes so sad I wish I could hug you

I have PTSD as well, though not from military service. Mine stems from child abuse. I don't have much advice as I'm still figuring it out too. But I hope we can support each other, just having an understanding friend helps a lot
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I have PTSD too. Mine is work related. I have been binging on carbs, especially chocolate and ballooned to where I am now. I have been listening to podcasts by jimmy Moore and the experts. I now eat lchf 1 week yesterday. Through the podcasts I learned about stress and how it impacts on amino acids which are important for so many things. One particularly l-glutamine does a gazillion things, including fighting cravings and addictions. Our bodies usually make them naturally, but during times of stress, poor diet, surgeries etc we can 'use up' our stored supplies. I bought some and after two weeks I'm really noticing a difference. The lady that shared that info was Julia Ross - the author of the diet cure. Which I haven't read, but boy did I do a lot of research on the topic. Google scholar has a great deal of info on aminos and how they are important for balancing our hormones, including the feel good ones.
I wish you all the best on your journey. You've got this!

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