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Default Wednesday April 16th

Hi Everyone,

Just starting this thing up b/4 I go get some water...glug.

Its 80 and sunny here today (well almost 80 )

Whats going on ?
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Good Morning Leenie and all the chickadees!

It's busy around here. I couldn't sleep last night and had to get up and make a list of all the things I need to get done *sigh*. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off. But I should sleep good tonight. :-)

I'm gonna get me another cup of coffee and try to get to my list!

Hope everybody has a wonderful day!

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Talking Morning

Good day everyone!

I notice that we have lots of views to our daily thread but hardly any postings....I hope everyone knows that they are welcome to jump right in here and let us get to know you.....

I had a busy day yesterday....I went along on a field trip with Kindergarten and then took dd5 and her friend out for lunch for the first time this year and they played a bit at the restaurant...the whole time I was sitting there thinking of the million and one things I needed to be doing

Then once I got home a friend stopped by and stood in the door and talked for an hour...she should have come in for a coffee like I suggested...what a crazy world we live in.

Last night was the spring concert for dd11 and her 1-6 grade school mates. It was really good.

Late night last night but we are all up and showered. I will drive my dd's to school then pick up a few groceries and then a friend and her babe are coming over for a visit.......I rememeber how much I needed the contact of friends when I had a new babe so I try to make time for others even though I could be going to the gym or spring cleaning!

Hope you all have a great sure would be nice if we could get this board hopping in time for easter.

Bye for now.

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Hello ! It's me , feet.

I'm counting the days to vacation. I have next week off for Spring break. I am going to exercise and really get my food together and take a nap everyday.....

Has anyone every taken their Acrilic nails off and had any success in growing their natural nail back??? I just got so tired of going to the nail shop every two weeks. But what really happenned is that my girl up and quit. Then I tried several other and they just didnt do a good job. I was paying about $18.00 with tip for a fill and I think they should be perfect and they just looked o.k. Plus, I'll be off work for 9 weeks this summer and I would rather spend the money going to the beach with my girl. i live in Southern California. The beach is 45 minutes away and parking is about $8.00. I love the beach......

Stay positive!!!!
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Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I have aphone conference at 1 so i hope I will be back later.
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Good Afternoon Ladies!
It is a beautiful day here in sunny Ky! I went to our church to work with a group we call "The Potters Hand" Life group this morning. We work all around the church grounds mowing,weed-eating,pulling weeds and and even sweeping the is really a "work group" with a nice name! Ha!Ha! Now the grounds look nice for Easter Sunday. Do you think 4 hours of yard work will count toward my exercise?
I hope so because I am counting it!

I came home and put a blanket on the couch and went sound I will shower and run errands!

Anyone making any special plans for Sunday? I decided NOT to invite the entire "clan" here this Sunday like I usually do. They all said that was okay. Most of the time I enjoy it but it is a lot of work! I am going to make a swiss cheese & bacon quiche and fresh fruit! Keep it simple for after church!

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring as much as I am!

Later gals,

PS I lost 1.8 pounds this week! Yeah me!
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Feet - I use the best stuff in the world for nails. It is called Nailtiques and you can get it at most places that you have your nails down. If you cannot find it, just let me know and I can give you a website where you can order it over the internet. But after you take off the artificial nails you use the Nailtiques 3, and then as your nails get better you go down to the Nailtiques 2 Plus, and then when your nails are like you want them you can go to the Nailtques 2. It is a clear nail protein that you put on your nails daily and it is the best stuff I have ever come across!!!! I never had nails until I started using this stuff and now I really like my nails.

Cin - YOU GO GIRL!!! 1.8 lbs lost this week! that is Awesome!!!!! I am so tickled for you. Do you know what has made the difference? I mean I know you started journaling and stuff but anything else???

We really don't have any special plans for Sunday this year. Of course we have Sunday School and Church on Sunday morning, and then we usually go to my mom's for lunch but she has been so busy taking care of her parents that I just don't think she is up to it, and we haven't really talked about it. I thought about cooking at my house and having my family over, but I'm not sure I'm up to it either. :-( isn't that sad. But Friday we are going to my hubby's parents house for a fish fry and courtbouillion (wonderful fish soup - cajun style) so that will be nice.

later gaters
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